Startup Showcase: YouNeed3D – Revolutionizing Asset Visualization

Discover how YouNeed3D is using Reality 3D Models to revolutionize the way assets are visualized and represented, in this Startup Showcase.

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YouNeed3D (YN3D) is a London-based startup that is revolutionizing the asset and infrastructure visualization industry. The company is leveraging the latest technology to create Reality 3D Models that offer a photorealistic, true-to-life representation of assets and their spatial information. In this Startup Showcase, we will delve deep into the world of YouNeed3D and uncover how they are changing the game in the asset visualization industry.

What is YouNeed3D all about?

YouNeed3D is a technology-led company that specializes in 3D Asset and Infrastructure Visualization and information representation. The company’s goal is to centralize, visualize, and share information in the most realistic and true-to-life visual environment possible. YouNeed3D is at the forefront of asset visualization technology and has developed a reputation for excellence through extensive experience in close-range photogrammetry.

How does YouNeed3D work?

YouNeed3D’s approach is simple yet innovative. The company creates photorealistic Reality 3D Models that provide an accurate representation of an asset, including its spatial information. These models enable users to visualize the physical asset and its information in one reality, creating a central source of visual data accessible to all stakeholders.

Benefits of YouNeed3D’s approach

YouNeed3D’s web-based software solution offers a wide range of benefits. First and foremost, it provides a photorealistic Digital Twin of an asset that offers a true-to-life representation of the physical asset in a digital environment. This Digital Twin is useful for a wide range of applications, including facility management, asset tracking, and maintenance.

The software also enables users to easily centralize and visualize information related to an asset, making it easy to identify and track critical data. Finally, YouNeed3D’s solution is highly scalable, making it suitable for assets of all sizes.

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YouNeed3D is an exciting startup that is changing the way assets and infrastructure are visualized and represented. Their innovative approach, which leverages Reality 3D Models and close-range photogrammetry, offers a highly accurate and realistic representation of physical assets in a digital environment. To learn more about YouNeed3D, visit their website or LinkedIn page.



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