Startup Showcase: Zapplan – Making Social Planning a Breeze

The free app that lets you organise your social life with ease.

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As the world becomes more and more connected, it’s ironic that people are finding it harder to organise their social lives. But this problem is exactly what Zapplan is trying to solve. This free mobile app makes it simple and quick to invite people to events, organise meet-ups and more, all through your phone. Here’s how it works:

Invitations to Your Friends and Family

The biggest change from other event planning apps is that Zapplan lets you invite people using their phone numbers instead of email addresses. That means no more sifting through contact lists or trying to remember which friends currently have active email addresses! Plus, Zapplan lets guests choose whether to attend, decline or maybe attend an event, giving you a much better idea of who to expect.

Broadcasts for Popular Events

For events with a limited number of spaces, or events that are simply very popular, it can be a hassle to try and select the right people to attend. Zapplan solves this problem by allowing creators to send Broadcast invites to their contacts. This lets them see who is interested in the event and who might be able to make it, enabling worry-free attendee selection.

Date Polls to Help You Meet Up

One of the biggest issues with meeting up with friends, especially as groups get bigger, is finding a time that works for everyone. Rather than playing email ping-pong or sending messages back and forth, Zapplan lets you create a date poll. This way, guests can simply vote on their preferred date, and you can easily select the time that works for the most people.

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