The Future of Marketing: Meet the 15 Hottest Marketing Automation Startups in England

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In today’s digital age, marketing automation is a necessity for businesses to streamline their marketing efforts, increase conversions and revenue, and improve customer experiences. In this article, we showcase 15 interesting Marketing Automation startups in England, United Kingdom that are innovating in the industry and disrupting the status quo.

Opinov8 Technology Services: Creating Value and Delivering Technology Products

Opinov8 Technology Services is an Information Technology company that offers marketing automation solutions and software engineering services. Founded by Christian Aaen and Craig Wilson, the company aims to create value, deliver technology products, and provide customer success.

Bouncezap: Powerful Conversion Optimization Toolkit

Bouncezap is a Digital Marketing and E-commerce company that provides a powerful conversion optimization toolkit for businesses. Founded by Hitesh Patel, the company offers productivity tools and marketing automation solutions to improve customer engagement and increase revenue.

RevLifter: AI-Powered Technology for Personalized Offers

RevLifter is an AI-powered technology provider that helps brands increase revenue through real-time personalized offers. Founded by Ryan Kliszat and Simon Bird, the company specializes in Affiliate Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Marketing Automation, Personalization, and Retail Technology.

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Feed: Set-and-Forget Digital Advertising

Feed is a digital advertising company that offers set-and-forget solutions for creators and micro-businesses. Founded by Joshua Jacobson and Nick Edwards, the SaaS company provides marketing automation solutions and mobile apps to simplify digital advertising for businesses.

Notifia: Marketing and Automation Tools

Notifia is a software company that provides marketing and automation tools for businesses. The company offers solutions for advertising, digital marketing, sales, and software. Notifia was founded by a team of professionals who are passionate about helping businesses succeed.

Saastronomical: Streamlining Business Processes

Saastronomical is an IT consultancy company that develops automation tools to streamline marketing, accounting, and business processes. The company specializes in Business Development, Information Technology, Internet, Marketing Automation, and Sales Automation.

Xeven Social: Human-to-Human Interactions for Powerful Brand Messages

Xeven Social is a digital marketing agency that specializes in human-to-human interactions and engagements resulting in powerful brand messages. Founded by Muhammad Irfan, the company offers marketing automation solutions, web design, and digital marketing services.

Worldacquire: Empowering Politics with AI and Targeted Advertising

Worldacquire is an Ad Targeting, Advertising, Analytics, Data Visualization, Digital Marketing, Market Research, Marketing Automation, Politics, Public Relations, and Social Media Advertising company that empowers politics with AI, analytics, and targeted advertising. The company was founded by Christopher Treshan Perera and his team.

Personify XP: AI and Automation Personalization SAAS Technology

Personify XP is a software company that uses AI and automation personalization SAAS technology to help retailers understand what their customers are shopping for. The company specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Brand Marketing, Internet, Marketing Automation, SaaS, and Software. Personify XP was founded by Ben Mercer and Joshua Scotton.

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GlobePay Limited: Leading-Edge Cross-Border Payments and Chinese Digital Marketing

GlobePay Limited is a leading-edge RMB/GBP cross-border payments and Chinese digital marketing provider. The company specializes in Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Marketing Automation, Mobile Payments, Service Industry, Transaction Processing, and Travel. GlobePay was founded by Anna Hu and her team.

Fupping Media: Combining Big Data and Open Source Intelligence with Content Marketing

Fupping Media is a global digital publisher that combines big data and open source intelligence with content marketing. The company offers solutions for advertising, content marketing, digital marketing, marketing automation, publishing, and SEO. The company was founded by Hassan Ahmed and Nathaniel Fried, who have a passion for content marketing and technology.

LeadGen App: Creating User-Friendly Online Forms

LeadGen App helps businesses and marketing professionals create beautiful and user-friendly online forms with no coding experience. The company specializes in digital marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, and sales automation. LeadGen App was founded by a team of experts who are dedicated to simplifying the process of creating online forms.

Kamua: SaaS Video Editing Automation Tools

Kamua is a SaaS company that provides video editing automation tools using artificial intelligence. Founded by Paul Robert Cary and Radu-Sebastian Amarie, the company specializes in marketing automation, SaaS, software, and video editing.

Xeim: Empowering Companies to Improve Performance

Xeim provides marketing intelligence, training, advice, and connections to companies in order to empower and improve their performance. The company specializes in advertising, digital marketing, marketing, and marketing automation. Xeim was founded by a team of experts who have a passion for helping businesses achieve their goals.

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Launch Mappers: Content and Marketing Growth Consultancy

Launch Mappers is a content and marketing growth consultancy company that helps businesses achieve their marketing goals. The company specializes in content, marketing, marketing automation, and SEO. Launch Mappers was founded by David Odier, who has a wealth of experience in the digital marketing industry.


These 15 Marketing Automation startups in England, United Kingdom are revolutionizing the industry with innovative solutions that help businesses streamline their marketing efforts, increase conversions and revenue, and improve customer experiences. From AI-powered technology to user-friendly online forms, these startups are transforming the way businesses operate in the digital world. As the demand for marketing automation solutions continues to grow, these startups will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of the industry.

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