Unleashing the Power of Data: 15 Must-See BI Startups in Canada!

Exploring Innovative Business Intelligence Startups in Canada.

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Canada’s startup ecosystem is thriving, with numerous innovative ventures revolutionizing various industries. In the realm of Business Intelligence (BI), these startups are making waves by harnessing data, analytics, and technology to provide invaluable insights and drive growth for businesses. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most interesting BI startups in Canada and the visionary minds behind them.

Arbor: Elevating Sustainability through Data

Arbor is a trailblazing BI startup that uses proprietary data and a custom dashboard to measure, improve, and showcase product sustainability for companies. Founded by Abdullah Choudhry, Alex Todorovic, and Ben Grande, Arbor is at the forefront of sustainability analytics, enabling businesses to make more informed decisions while reducing their environmental impact.

Brizo Data: Unleashing the Power of Market Intelligence

With a focus on the restaurant and food service industry, Brizo Data is a BI startup offering SaaS solutions, data science, and analytics. Audrey Bilsborrow, Gaétan Corneau, and Ian Delisle founded Brizo Data with a mission to provide invaluable market insights and data-driven strategies for restaurants to thrive in a competitive landscape.

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Data Sentinel: Safeguarding Business Trust and Compliance

Data Sentinel offers a Data Trust and Compliance platform that empowers businesses to protect sensitive data and comply with regulations. Founded by Kevin Downey and Mark Rowan, Data Sentinel is paving the way for secure data handling and intelligent business decision-making.

Bliinx: Driving Sales Acceleration for PLG Companies

Bliinx is a sales acceleration platform catering to Product-Led Growth (PLG) companies. With a focus on B2B enterprise sales automation and project management, Fred Melanson and his team are empowering companies to enhance their sales processes and drive rapid growth.

Mercator AI: Real-Time Construction Intelligence

Chloe Smith and Hogan Lee founded Mercator AI with a mission to provide real-time construction intelligence. This innovative startup harnesses artificial intelligence and big data to identify construction opportunities and streamline lead generation, revolutionizing the construction industry.

Yervana Services Inc: Connecting Locals and Explorers through Data Analytics

Yervana Services Inc operates a two-sided marketplace that connects locals and adventurers in outdoor experiences. With a strong focus on data analytics for the tourism and hospitality industry, Jim McGovern and the team at Yervana are redefining the way travelers explore Canada’s breathtaking landscapes.

huumans inc: Democratizing Small Business Success

huumans inc is on a mission to make running a successful small business accessible to as many people as possible. Founded by Bill Murphy and Richard Landzaat, this startup provides accounting and business intelligence solutions to empower entrepreneurs on their path to success.

Proof Zero: Transforming Data Complexity into Opportunity

Proof Zero specializes in connecting data with confidence, turning data complexity into valuable opportunities. Adrian Maurer and Alexander Flanagan lead this startup, which focuses on big data, compliance, cyber security, and fraud detection to help businesses make better-informed decisions.

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Evidence: Unleashing the Power of Open-Source Code-Based BI

Adam McAskill and Sean Hughes founded Evidence to develop an open-source code-based BI tool. With a focus on data visualization and analytics, Evidence enables businesses to gain deeper insights from their data and drive data-driven decision-making.

DGT Network: Empowering Enterprises with Web3 Hybrid Solutions

DGT Network is a Web3 hybrid network that allows enterprises to build open ecosystems while retaining full governance and control. Founded by Alexander Khvatov, Ksenia I., and Valery Khvatov, this startup pioneers blockchain and data integration solutions for businesses of all sizes.

RightMetric: Unraveling Digital Market Insights

As the #1 Digital Market Research Agency, RightMetric, led by Charlie Grinnell, offers business intelligence services tailored to the digital marketing landscape. Through cutting-edge analytics, RightMetric helps companies uncover valuable market insights and optimize their digital strategies.

Zagitas: Embracing Automation & AI for Enhanced Efficiency

Zagitas brings automation and AI to the forefront by offering digital robots that tackle mundane tasks for employees. Carlos Secada and Joel Moreno founded this startup, which specializes in analytics, marketing automation, and sales automation, empowering businesses to achieve greater efficiency.

The Happenin Company: Simplifying Group Bookings with Data

The Happenin Company digitizes and simplifies group bookings for social occasions and experiences. Arjun Mali, Bin Liu, and Charles Plant are the visionary founders behind this startup, which leverages big data and business intelligence to create memorable and seamless event experiences.

Cometrics.io: Deciphering Corporate Communications with Precision

Cometrics.io focuses on deciphering, filtering, and normalizing corporate communications across specific ESG themes. Founded by Ed Clarke, this BI startup specializes in market research and empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions aligned with their environmental, social, and governance goals.

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Pulsee: Driving Business Intelligence for the Modern Era

Pulsee is a BI startup that aims to revolutionize data-driven decision-making for businesses. Founded by Roomi Khurshid, Pulsee focuses on Internet and software solutions, providing valuable insights that enable companies to thrive in the digital age.


Canada’s startup landscape is teeming with promising BI ventures that are leveraging data and technology to drive business growth and innovation. From sustainability analytics to digital market research and AI-driven automation, these startups are at the forefront of reshaping industries and creating a data-driven future for businesses in Canada and beyond. As they continue to evolve and make strides in their respective domains, these BI startups are sure to leave a lasting impact on the Canadian business landscape.

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