Unveiling London’s Hidden Gems: 15 Sales Startups You Can’t Ignore

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London, the vibrant and dynamic capital of the United Kingdom, is not only a global hub for finance and technology but also a fertile ground for innovative startups across various industries. In this article, we will delve into a selection of intriguing sales startups that have emerged in London. These startups are reshaping the way sales and marketing are approached, utilizing cutting-edge technology and novel strategies to drive growth and success.

Radiate B2B: Empowering Sales with Intent Data

Radiate B2B stands at the forefront of modern sales strategies, offering an intent data platform that monitors company activity both on websites and across the internet. This platform provides valuable insights to identify potential customers who are actively in the market. With its focus on advertising platforms, business intelligence, marketing, and sales automation, Radiate B2B is transforming the B2B sales landscape.

Samim.ai: Elevating Sales and Customer Service with AI

Samim.ai is making waves in the sales and customer service realm by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. By employing AI virtual sales and customer service assistants, Samim.ai enhances the effectiveness of sales processes. Leveraging the prowess of machine learning, Samim.ai is shaping the future of sales with innovative AI-driven solutions.

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Manta Store: Redefining E-Commerce in Medical Supplies

Manta Store is revolutionizing the e-commerce experience by specializing in retailing cohesive bandages, sports tapes, and physiotherapy products. Through its online portal, Manta Store offers a convenient platform for customers to access essential medical supplies. With its unique blend of e-commerce and medical industry focus, Manta Store is carving a niche in the sales landscape.

London Sake: The E-Commerce Haven for Japanese Sake

London Sake brings the flavors of Japan to the UK through its e-commerce platform, catering to enthusiasts of Japanese sake. This startup bridges the gap between cultures and showcases the potential of e-commerce in the food and beverage industry. London Sake’s innovative approach is a testament to the power of online sales in expanding culinary experiences.

Grass & Co.: Pioneering CBD and Wellness Sales

Grass & Co. stands as a prominent CBD and wellness brand in the UK, blending the cannabis and health care sectors with its sales and marketing endeavors. This startup capitalizes on the rising demand for wellness products and is a prime example of how sales can intersect with health-related industries.

MoveWise: Streamlining Property Sales with Proptech

MoveWise brings proptech innovation to property sellers, offering a deep technology-driven solution to expedite home sales. By leveraging its technology, MoveWise enhances the property sales process, reflecting the potential of technology-driven disruption in real estate sales.

Kimai: Ethical Jewelry Sales through Lab-Grown Diamonds

Kimai introduces ethical fine jewelry into the direct sales and e-commerce landscape. With a focus on lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold, Kimai’s approach to sales aligns with environmental consciousness and ethical sourcing. This London-based startup is redefining luxury jewelry sales.

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Self-Portrait: Fusing Sales and Fashion Wholesale

Self-Portrait takes a unique stance in the world of sales by focusing on wholesale fashion. This startup emphasizes stylish and timeless designs that cater to a discerning audience. By melding sales with the fashion industry, Self-Portrait showcases the versatility of sales strategies.

Outsource Ethiopia: Revolutionizing Remote Sales Staffing

Outsource Ethiopia stands as a game-changer in the sales and consulting sectors by providing exceptional remote sales staff to SaaS companies. By reducing costs and doubling revenues, this startup is reshaping the outsourcing landscape and emphasizing the potential of remote sales teams.

Nolii: Crafting Innovative Tech Accessories for Sales

Nolii’s focus on manufacturing and selling modular tech accessories highlights its prowess in the consumer goods and industrial manufacturing sectors. This startup offers a people-first ecosystem, showcasing the synergy between technology, manufacturing, and sales.

Primeflow: Navigating High-Profile Partnerships for Sales

Primeflow’s innovative approach centers around partnering companies with high-profile ambassadors for talent sourcing and business growth. This startup’s emphasis on human resources, social networking, and sales automation showcases a novel strategy to drive sales through strategic partnerships.

Pitch121: Profile-Based Marketing and Lead Generation

Pitch121’s expertise lies in profile-based marketing, lead generation, and sales services. By catering to the advertising and marketing industries, this agency is reshaping how businesses approach customer outreach and sales acquisition.

Notifia: Elevating Marketing and Sales Automation

Notifia is disrupting the digital marketing and sales automation landscape by providing innovative tools and solutions. As businesses seek more efficient marketing strategies, Notifia’s offerings showcase the potential of automation in driving sales growth.

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Breww: Modernizing Brewery Management with Cloud Technology

Breww is at the forefront of CRM and information technology, streamlining brewery operations through its cloud-based approach. By merging technology and sales strategies, Breww is redefining how breweries manage their business processes.

Remy: Redefining Comfort Sales with Innovative Products

Remy’s unique sales focus revolves around blankets, loungers, and pods, highlighting its blend of customer service, e-commerce, and retail strategies. Through innovative product offerings, Remy showcases the potential of niche sales in the modern market.


London’s startup landscape continues to flourish with innovative sales startups that are reshaping industries and pioneering novel approaches to customer engagement, marketing, and revenue generation. These 15 startups are prime examples of the city’s entrepreneurial spirit, showcasing how diverse industries can intersect with sales strategies to create groundbreaking solutions and drive growth. As technology and consumer preferences evolve, London’s sales startups are well-positioned to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.

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