Volt.io Captures a Shocking $60M in Series B Funding, Spearheading the Revolution in Real-Time Payments

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LONDON – Volt.io, an innovative FinTech startup founded in the heart of the United Kingdom, has powered up its global ambition after successfully securing $60 million in a Series B funding round. This phenomenal investment puts the total amount raised by Volt.io at just over $87.8 million.

Founded with a vision of ‘building the global infrastructure for real-time payments everywhere’, Volt.io is one of the leading voices in the financial services industry. Operating from London, this trailblazer is not just electrifying the UK’s finance industry but has its sight set on becoming an international powerhouse.

The latest injection of capital comes as a significant boost to Volt.io, as it validates their vision and recognises the potential of their novel technology. Notably, this funding round was spearheaded by the well-regarded Silicon Valley-based Institutional Venture Partners (IVP), whose portfolio boasts an impressive lineup of more than 300 innovative companies.

Volt.io’s funding round was also supported by a range of noteworthy investors that comprise of Augmentum Fintech, CommerzVentures, EQT Ventures, and Fuel Ventures. The fact that such established and esteemed firms have put their faith in Volt.io speaks volumes about the startup’s promising future in reshaping the global payments landscape.

A leader in the bustling field of FinTech, Volt.io’s service aims to provide a seamless experience for instant global payments, a reality that has eluded many traditional financial institutions. This demand for instant transactions has been escalating, and with this funding, Volt.io is now in the driving seat to deliver on this expectation.

The recently secured $60 million in Series B funding will act as a catalyst for Volt.io’s expansion plans. With its strong foundation in London, the company is now in a formidable position to upscale its services to a broader international market. Furthermore, the substantial financial backing will facilitate Volt.io’s development of groundbreaking financial products, enhancing its contribution to the fast-paced world of FinTech.

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It’s a sure bet that Volt.io will harness this fresh capital to generate further disruptive innovation. With the backing of heavyweight investors, the FinTech start-up has the potential to redefine the meaning of real-time payments. Volt.io’s recent success story underscores the buoyant health of the UK’s tech sector and is likely to encourage more investor confidence in the coming months.

In a sector renowned for rapid change and dynamic growth, Volt.io’s commitment to transforming the global infrastructure for real-time payments is more than just a vision – it’s becoming a reality. The FinTech startup’s trajectory is definitely one to watch as it continues to light up the financial services landscape with its revolutionary solutions.

For more information on Volt.io, please visit https://volt.io.

(Source: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/volt-12ab)

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