What are Manchester’s Top SaaS Startups Influencing the Industry in 2023?

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Manchester, in the United Kingdom, is fast becoming a hub for innovative and revolutionary Software as a Service (SaaS) start-ups. From platforms shifting travel and recruitment online, to others using data to make workflows more efficient, these start-ups are pushing the boundaries with their technological prowess. This article takes a closer look at 15 inspiring SaaS companies that are changing the face of the UK tech landscape.


NextUpRecruitment is a SaaS enabled recruitment platform that is making scholarships more accessible than ever before. Founded by Ryan Cook, this innovative start-up bridges the gap between college recruiting, sports, consulting and software.

GDPR Tracker

The GDPR Tracker is a SaaS platform designed to make data protection compliance easier for businesses. Even though the founders chose to remain anonymous, their impact is undeniable in the internet and SaaS industries.

Strive Sales

Strive Sales assists in building world-class go-to-market teams for the most disruptive, VC backed software companies across the globe. This platform caters to companies in various industries including big data, cyber security and recruiting.


Founded by Benji Silverstone, Urbix is a smart city management platform that provides valuable intelligence reporting. Leveraging analytics and big data, it’s a frontrunner in the Information Technology and SaaS sectors.


Your FLOCK, created by Dan Sodergren and Michal Wisniewski, uses the science behind motivations to enable work teams to be more productive and engaged. This Human Resources SaaS platform is transforming workplaces with its technological advancements.

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Org 3D

Org 3D specializes in Talent Acquisition, Executive Search, SaaS and more making it a versatile player in the Information Technology, Internet and Recruiting sectors.


TapTrip, the brainchild of Thomas Young, is committed to bringing business travel online for SMBs, marine energy and resource companies. This innovative SaaS solution is making a significant impact in the business travel and leisure industries.


Creators Adam Mitcheson and Damien Shiells have developed my2be, an online mentoring SaaS platform that’s influencing career planning, employee benefits, IT and professional networking.


Netacea, founded by Andy Still and Jeremy Gidlow, is mastering bot management using Intent Analytics powered by machine learning. As the cyber security threats become more sophisticated, so does Netacea’s approach.


Finstant, established by Sam Patchitt, is a cash flow forecasting software platform. It aids in making informed business decisions by translating these into accurate figures.


Conteidon is a CMS solution that’s proving a game changer in the Information Technology, Internet of Things and SaaS sectors.


Despite lacking a website, AidanAA, created by Hassan Ali, is making strides in the world of advertising, customer service, marketing and messaging with its innovative SaaS solution.

Zebra Software Limited

Zebra Software Limited offers ZEBSOFT, a GRC (Governance Risk & Compliance) SaaS platform catering to the needs of the risk management and compliance sectors.

Join myNexus

Join myNexus is the brainchild of Dean Whitehouse, Gaynor Matthews, and James McMillan. By offering a mix of SaaS, Mobile App, DaaS, and a platform for investment match-making, it’s pushing the envelope within the analytics and angel investment industries.

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Scene Group

Scene Group, co-founded by morgan turken and Sharyn Carlesso, is the creator of Cavalry, a SaaS platform for animation and motion design.

These start-ups and their innovative SaaS solutions are not just transforming the way businesses operate, but are also contributing to positioning Manchester as a leading tech city in the UK. They serve as beacons of innovation, proving that with technology and creativity, the sky is truly the limit.

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