Which Are London’s Leading Creative Agency Startups Influencing 2023 Trends?

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As digital transformation relentlessly marches forward, the creative landscape of London is evolving. Traditional marketing tactics are giving way to bold, digital-oriented strategies that are rewriting the rules. This article spotlights innovative UK-based creative agency startups, each carving their own definitive path in the creative industry.

These startups, some supported by angel investors, are revolutionising communications, skyrocketing brands to new heights, and making waves in an already vibrant digital landscape. Each of these agencies has a unique vision for the future, enabling them to redefine marketing and creativity in the digital era.

In London, creative agencies are not just surviving, they are thriving. Let’s take a closer look at these remarkable startups, who are shaping the future of creative strategy and execution in the digital age.


ROKITA GROUP is a conglomerate of companies that focuses mainly on providing business support services in the financial sector. They are also known for their work in Angel Investment, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Marketing. This company was founded by Jan Rokita.

Untold Studios

Untold Studios is a creative studio developing original programming and producing music and advertising content. The co-founder of this cutting-edge company is Darren O’Kelly.

Selbay Anderson

Flexibility is key for contemporary businesses. Selbay Anderson Ltd. prides itself in helping creative agencies succeed by delivering top-notch services paired with unprecedented flexibility.

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THE FIFTH is a professional influencer marketing agency that creates influencer campaigns for a wide variety of media outlets. They specialise in creating strategy and content that adapt seamlessly to news, magazines, online or TV platforms.


Best known as the Influencer Marketing Experts, INFLUENTIALLY serves clients in the realm of Content Marketing, Social Media and Creative Agencies. Founded by Nico Cary, they provide top-tier marketing resources and strategies.


Caliston is an ROI-driven digital marketing agency. Founded by Kostas Alekoglu, they specialise in Creative Agency, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media and Web Design.

Celebrity Look Book Fashion Agency

Affordability meets high fashion at Celebrity Look Book Fashion Agency, which is committed to helping customers discover affordable versions of their favourite celebrity looks. Founded by Roozy Lee, they operate within the Creative Agency, E-Commerce, Fashion, and Marketing industries.


Together is a full-service agency helping tech companies attract talent, acquire customers and raise capital. Founded by Cameron Day, they provide Advertising, Brand Marketing, Creative Agency, Digital Marketing and Graphic design services.

And Rising

As a creative venture firm, And Rising is spearheaded by Adrienne Little, Jonathan Trimble and Rob Ward, who are committed to investing in, creating, and scaling universally loved brands.

ForeMedia Group

ForeMedia Group is an African Global Creative Media, Entertainment and Technology Company. Spearheaded by Hareter B. Oralusi and Otega Owumi, they are creating waves in the creative industry.


Oysbee is an online creative collaboration network for independent creators and brands. Founded by Jung Kyung Cheon, they operate within the Advertising, Creative Agency, E-Commerce and IT industries.

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Stellar Global

Stellar Global is a retail agency that offers a broad range of services including branding, innovative product design, data analytics and virtual merchandising. Created by Emma Ede, they perfectly blend Creative Agency services with data analytics.

krow group

The krow group is a creative agency well-known in the IT industry. Founded by John Quarrey, they bring something new and unique to the table in the creative landscape of London.

Firebird Pictures

Firebird Pictures is heavily involved with writing and directing creative projects, moving the media and entertainment industry in London with their innovative and unique ideas.

Changing Digital

Changing Digital has revolutionised the Creative Agency, Mobile Apps, UX Design, Web Apps, Web Design, and Web Development sectors through their innovative digital platform.

In conclusion, London is home to a cornucopia of inventive startups within the creative industry. Each of these firms is playing a distinct role in redefining the parameters of creativity and commerce, making London a global epicentre for forward-thinking, imaginative enterprises.

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