Which Bristol IT Startups are Influencing the Tech Industry in 2023?

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Throughout the United Kingdom, the technological revolution is in full swing. As the toolkit of the digital age continues to evolve, an impressive number of startups is embracing the challenge of creating innovative solutions for numerous fields. Bristol, famed for its distinct culture and rich history, has emerged as a thriving hub for technology Startups. Let’s explore some of the standout IT companies calling this city home.


Sixis creates device solutions within the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) sector. This enterprise is paving the way for secure, efficient manufacturing and information technology.

Intellium AI

Boasting an impressive no code AI solution known as AiBoost, Intellium AI delivers complex AI technology that is accessible for everyone in the industry.


Venturing into the fields of Blockchain and Fintech, Evershare.io is a ground-breaking social tech enterprise. It reduces costs for charitable donations through an open banking platform.


Smartia takes industrial data and transforms it into actionable insights. Through the power of AI, this company provides scalable solutions for businesses of all types.

Solvi Solutions

Offering software development and data collection is the specialty of Solvi Solutions. This company also enjoys an introduction into digital marketing services.

World Global Technology

World Global Technology focuses on fintech and insurtech solutions, with their integrated IT offerings. As a consultancy, they are paving the way in the advice and consulting sector.

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Elastic Mint

Elastic Mint, based in Bristol, is a distinguished IT company providing software development services.


48K‘s services consist of automation and tailor-made software solutions, making this company a compelling choice for IT needs.


Maya offers everything from web design to social media management. With its comprehensive services, this agency is a one-stop-shop solution for all online presence needs.

Configured Things

Configured Things is a software company that enriches Connected Places with real-time federated sharing of systems and data between organizations.


Employtec offers serverless computing services, programming bespoke employment tools by building custom software and web applications in the cloud.


NetMinded‘s SaaS solution bolsters productivity metrics and customer satisfaction for internet service providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Kurve Kiosks

Kurve Kiosks offers a self-service Point of Sale (POS) platform for the hospitality industry.

4 Earth Intelligence

Specializing in earth intelligence and analytics, 4 Earth Intelligence uses information technology to help organizations understand and use geospatial data.

Discussion Box

Lastly but no less exciting, Discussion Box breathes new life into the events industry with their innovative virtual platform dedicated to hosting online events.

In the heart of Bristol, these IT companies are actively shaping the future. By creating high-tech, innovative solutions, these startups are pushing boundaries and redefining what is possible in the world of IT.

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