Which Cambridge Software Startups Will Lead UK’s Tech Innovation in 2023?

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In the quaint city of Cambridge, innovations are brewing, revolutionising the software domain. A wide array of start-ups are now shaping unique business models, driving smart solutions across healthcare, fintech, insurance, and more. In this article, we take a look at 15 such intriguing start-ups to understand what they offer, and how they’ve added a twist to standard software solutions.

Cambridge has been the UK’s intellectual hub, being home to one of the oldest universities in the world. This educational prowess has transpired into immense technological growth as well, with the city nurturing several innovative start-ups. From Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to Internet of Things (IoT) and even 3D holography, Cambridge start-ups offer a broad spectrum of software solutions, pushing the boundaries of digital technology.

Let’s delve deeper into the unique value proposition, industry verticals, and founders of these exciting start-ups:


Founded by Aleksandra Pedraszewska, Andrzej Kaczorowski, and Darran Milne, VividQ is a British start-up that powers holography, thereby revolutionising digital display. By pioneering computer-generated holography, this start-up is taking augmented and virtual reality to the next level and excelling in the 3D technology space.

AlfaSage Ltd

Antonio Roulet established AlfaSage Ltd which functions as the parent company for 20Hz, Swiss Summit Capital, & Hallmark Swiss. The firm is a significant player in brand marketing, consumer software, online forums, and video domains.

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Lucido offers software as a service and specialises in due diligence. The company was founded by Guy Jarvis and Mark Crocombe and has marked a strong foothold in the Information Technology domain.

Obsequio Software

Phil Schofield founded Obsequio Software, a GDPR compliant SaaS-based consent management platform that offers support to CRM systems and businesses. This start-up finds its applicability in hospitality, legal, professional services, retail technology, recruitment among other industries.

Arete Medical Technologies

Graeham Douglas is the founder of Arete Medical Technologies, a software company focusing on precision medicine for asthma and other Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD).


Cambridge University spin-out RoboK, founded by Hao Zheng, builds 3D sensing algorithms optimised for low-power computing platforms and is making strides in AI with automotive and autonomous vehicles.


InsurTechnix, founded by Fiona Kinghorn and John Clarke, develops and commercialises innovative technologies for cyber insurers. This start-up synergises artificial intelligence with IT, providing robust solutions in software.


Established by Nigel Pickles and Simon Ellington, Ko-fi is a platform that allows creators to recieve support from their fans. With an Internet-friendly application, the company is reshaping consumer software, sports, music, and crowdfunding elements.


Kristalic cofounders Filip Kozera and Jos van der Westhuizen have created an AI-powered assistant that records work-related conversations, thereby helping in indexing discussions and enhancing productivity.


Founded by Iain McGhee and Richard Kirby, Trelica is a company which focuses on moulding SaaS usage with proficiency and safeguarding it from potential cyber threats.

Granta Innovation

Antony Rix founded Granta Innovation with an aim to transform research, consulting and ML applications in business and healthcare, using innovative AI and Machine Learning technology.

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Ziphii Ltd

Founded by ‘Weike Onwuyali, Ziphii Ltd is a community-led platform that empowers businesses to offer experiences that are both contextual and relevant, applying e-commerce, IT, internet, and retail.


Phil Nunn founded Jumptech, a solution provider inclined to simplify electric vehicle charger installation for renewable energy, automotive, and information services.


Founded by brothers Ben and Josh Harris, Doc2 is a platform facilitating SMEs in creating, sending, and eSigning their contracts in mere seconds.

Things On Edge Ltd.

Things On Edge Ltd. is an Internet of Things platform designed for low power and low cost, focused on revolutionising the computing and IT domain.

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