Which Kent-based Financial Services Startups are Shaping the Industry Today?

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There are several emerging and buzzing financial services startups in Kent, United Kingdom, making waves in various segments of the financial sector, from cryptocurrency trading to mortgage and protection advice. These startups have impacted and revolutionized the financial services scene through innovations in Fintech, providing smart solutions to traditional financial hurdles. The unique services offered by these Kent-based start-ups are sure to gather interest from across the globe, attracting investors, users, and industries alike.

This exclusive listing seeks to spotlight some of these stand-out Kent-based financial services startups, paying particular attention to their service offerings, industry foundation, and founding members. This piece promises to be an intriguing read for enthusiasts, investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the financial sector.

Without further ado, here are 15 compelling financial services startups making their mark in the UK, particularly in Kent:


A UK-based cryptocurrency trading & investment platform working to make digital asset management more accessible. Started by Jason Fitzpatrick, Jeff Hancock, and Paul Tiley, coinpass.com operates within several industries including Cryptocurrency, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, FinTech and Trading Platform. Their platform can be explored at coinpass.com.

Drake Mortgages

An independent mortgage advisor that specializes in offering comprehensive mortgage guidance to clients. Known for their expertise in financial advice. You can find out more about them at Drake Mortgages.

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Just Advice Solutions

This startup offers financial products that focus on insurance, integrated health, well-being, and financial protection, bridging financial services with healthcare and wellness. Check them out at Just Advice Solutions.


Founded by Chieu Cao, Mintago has designed a financial platform that helps both employers and employees achieve better financial health. Find out more about their services at Mintago.

PurePay Payments

PurePay Payments, a fintech service provider that operates in the Credit, Credit cards, and Payments sector. Their services can be explored further at PurePay Payments.

The Mortgage Mum

Sarah Tucker founded The Mortgage Mum, which specializes in mortgage and protection advice. See how they make homeownership accessible at The Mortgage Mum.


Edwin Gadasu’s financial technology company works to bring efficiency to investment through data, technology, and intuitively designed products. Get to know them at Frondex.

Penrose Digital Banking and Payments

Penrose Digital, a cutting-edge provider, offers banking and payment services online, effectively bringing these services to the digital age. Visit them at Penrose Digital Banking and Payments.

Blarecast Systems

Co-founded by Luke Wenceslas Mayernik and Shem Booth-Spain, Blarecast Systems provides Bitcoin and blockchain business solutions. More about them can be found at Blarecast Systems.


Stephen Holliday’s fintech firm, Level, offers applications and software to help employees save and budget salary and earnings. Visit them at Level.


Ko-bolt, founded by Karl Hague, is a reputable B2B and legal debt collection agency that also provides credit management services. Check them out at Ko-bolt.

Firemind Ventures

Firemind Ventures is an independent technology investor, combining industry specialists and best practices to maximize returns across its portfolio. Learn more about their approach at Firemind Ventures.

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A unique platform started by Amyas Phillips, Paulina Sokolova, and Tim Chambers, Offgrid.Finance channels capital to growing businesses for clean and productive use technology. Discover their services at Offgrid Finance.

Fintech & Payments

Fintech & Payments offers secure transaction and money transfer services for individuals and businesses. Visit them at Fintech & Payments.

Jacobi Asset

Jacobi Asset is an investment management company offering digital asset management and trading opportunity services. To learn more about their offerings, visit Jacobi Asset.

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