Which London-Based Medical Device Startups Are Transforming UK Healthcare?

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The medical device industry in London continues to flourish as dedicated professionals strive to improve healthcare services and patient outcomes. This blossoming landscape offers an array of innovative solutions aimed at augmenting healthcare efficiency, enhancing diagnostics, and even revolutionising surgical procedures. Let’s take a closer look at some of the interesting medical device startups in London, driven by phenomenal ingenuity and technological prowess.

These entrepreneurial enterprises span across various industries such as Manufacturing, Health Care, Life Science, Software, and more. Their unique conjunction with the medical device sector showcases the diverse range of applications that medical devices can fulfill. From enhancing organ transplant monitoring to pioneering new-age aided reproduction technologies, these enterprises offer captivating insight into what the future of healthcare in the UK could look like.

Join us in exploring these innovative startups from the heart of the UK’s tech scene, each working valiantly to push boundaries, challenging the status quo, and creating a lasting impact on the global healthcare industry. They are the backbone of the flourishing innovative medical landscape of London.

Spectrum Logic

Spectrum Logic is a manufacturing and medical device company specialized in the production of detection and imaging products utilising CMOS image sensors. This unique innovative drive allows clinicians to have access to high-quality imaging for better diagnostics.


Introducing Accunea, a startup developing a real-time monitoring system for transplant organ function, with a primary focus on the kidneys. This smart innovation aims to enhance post-transplant monitoring, promising an improved patient prognosis.

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ExSeed Health

ExSeed Health is a MedTech/Software company, converging technology with reproductive health. By equipping individuals with vital health data, they are striving to aid in better fertility management and reproductive health outcomes.

QuickCount Ltd

QuickCount Ltd presents a point-of-care blood testing medical device, ensuring that vital health parameters can be assessed swiftly and accurately. Their endeavors seek to strengthen patient care by providing immediate diagnostic data.


Weaving Biology with Electronics, Neuroloom is ceaselessly working on revolutionary neurostimulation therapies to push boundaries in patient treatment and management.

Fundamental Surgery

Change the way you look at surgery with Fundamental Surgery, a ground-breaking software platform utilizing virtual reality hardware enhanced with cutting-edge haptics to revolutionize surgical processes.


Mindstep is focusing on personal brain health. By utilising mobile apps and medical devices, they are enhancing the accessibility and control of critical health data, all contributing towards better brain health.


Transform your everyday decisions with Chronomics, a tech-bio firm providing an effortless ‘bio-infrastructure’, accelerating the use of biomarkers for insightful lifestyle changes.


Discover the new age health access with Numan. By integrating e-learning with healthcare and medical devices, personalised health management is now just a click away.


Meet MicrofluidX. By addressing the challenges of process control, scalability, and cost associated with cell bioprocessing, this innovative company is contributing significantly to the Biotechnology sector.


Experience patient monitoring and rehabilitation like never before with Arthronica. Their Artificial Intelligence innovation holds immense promise in transforming patient care standards and management.


unhindr, a robotics company provides cutting edge solutions that aim at breaking barriers in healthcare access and delivery, working towards an unhindered healthcare future.

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NuroKor is integrating bioelectronic treatments with ultra-wearable technology, taking personal health management to a new frontier.

PCL Health

PCL Health through their SaaS Connected care platform with IoTs, mobile Apps, and an Online Clinician Dashboard, they are orchestrating a connected healthcare solution that meets the needs of today’s ever-evolving medical environment.

Lazarus Care

Lazarus Care is pioneering solutions in the Medical device industry. Their advanced devices and solutions aim to improve patient care and outcomes within the healthcare ecosystem.

These enterprises, each with their distinct innovation, present a picturesque representation of the contemporary medical device landscape in London. As advancements in technology continue to influence healthcare systems worldwide, these startups illustrate the exciting possibilities for the future of healthcare in the UK and beyond.

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