Which London Broadcasting Startups are Reshaping UK’s Media Landscape in 2023?

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London has a vibrant broadcasting startup ecosystem that is pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the dynamic worlds of television, video content, live events, digital marketing, and even virtual reality. From specialising in production of live concerts to curating regal content about all things royal, these startups are defining the future of broadcasting in the UK. In this roundup, we feature 15 interesting London-based broadcasting startups that are worth keeping your eye on.

An engaging hotbed of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, London is rapidly emerging as a global hub for broadcasting startups. These cutting-edge companies are leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to create captivating content and impactful user experiences that are revolutionising how we consume media and entertainment. Whether it’s through live streaming platforms, virtual reality experiences, or content aggregation services, these startups are fundamentally reshaping the broadcasting landscape.

Explore these burgeoning startups that reflect the modern broadcasting industry’s changing face. We delve into their innovative ideas, their unique struggles and successes, and their vision for the future of the broadcasting industry.

Parable Works

Founded by David Wise and James Harris, Parable Works operates in the junction of Virtual Reality and Television. They are an innovative studio and agency that works across advertising, broadcasting, film production, marketing, media and entertainment, TV production, and virtual reality.


OZ, US is a trailblazing technology company founded by Gudjon Mar Gudjonsson that redefines live events. Their dynamic platform OZ.com energises communities with immersive experiences that broadcast across social media, video, and subscription services.

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Fluuid connects content creators with brands. The company’s strength lies in the potent blend of advertising, brand marketing, broadcasting, digital media, and video advertising to reach online audiences.


Founded by Phil Tucker, PUSH Live is a production company specialising in live concert video production. The company brings together the best of broadcasting, media, entertainment, and music to provide impeccable live experiences.


FlyOnTheWall offers event broadcasting management services, including media outlets, satellite, fiber, and IP transport streaming services. Media events are delivered seamlessly, thanks to their unique fusion of broadcasting, event management, and service industry practices.

True Royalty TV

Co-founded by Edward Mason and Gregor Angus, True Royalty TV is a niche broadcasting startup focusing on all things Royal. Their broadcasting platform also incorporates the use of social media and TV.


BOB is a freeing TV browsing app that connects people through great TV content. With a strong footing in broadcasting, mobile, mobile apps, and video, BOB redefines how we browse TV.

Sport Buff

Combining broadcasting with gaming, Benn Achilleas and Jonty Whitehead’s Sport Buff offers next-level fan engagement with real-time gamification on their broadcast media platform.


Founded by Paul H., Vuyu.app is the first live streaming platform globally that allows broadcasts to multiple social networks simultaneously through a convenient mobile app and desktop-based interface.

Noor Play

NoorPlay provides versatile streaming services for TV shows, movies, and kids’ shows that offer accessible entertainment for all demographics. Their services are a genuine reflection of their commitment to broadcasting, media and entertainment, telecommunications, and video streaming.

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Stellar Global

Emma Ede’s Stellar Global is a retail agency that provides services in branding, innovative product design, data analytics, and virtual merchandising. Stellar Global makes a mark in various arenas, including broadcasting, while also packaging the power of innovative technology with storytelling.

London Filmed

Co-founded by Nicholas Forster and Thomas Mahon, London Filmed is an event-tech company that is leveraging broadcasting, event management, and video streaming to bring events to life on screen.


Ed French’s 7TH MINUTE offers a freemium SaaS TV contextual data & insights platform. It operates at the intersection of advertising, broadcasting, analytics, digital media and video advertising.

Player+ (PlayerPlus Limited)

Co-founded by Neale Dennett, Rich Jacobs, and Simon Lipowicz, Player+ is a B2B2C video platform that offers a range of services including OTT, TVOD, SVOD, PayTV, content aggregation and content distribution.


Headed by Andrew Craissati, Chris Ancliff, and Cliff Plumer, Auddy provides podcast publishing solutions for both enterprises and individuals. Auddy is inspiring the boom of podcast culture and evolution through content delivery network, internet radio and content marketing.

The broadcasting startups in London have proven to be inventive and forward-thinking. This industry will continue to evolve and innovate, challenging the status quo and setting new standards for broadcasting worldwide.

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