Which London Startups are Pioneering the UK’s Communications Infrastructure Revolution?

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Communications Infrastructure is an integral part of our increasingly digital world. It’s the backbone for everything from our daily emails to multinational corporate collaborations. As we continue to embrace the digital transformation, this sector is destined to grow and evolve in ways unimaginable. This article dives into 15 London-based startups that are making significant strides in the realm of Communications Infrastructure. From innovative email systems to secure chat apps, these enterprises showcase the capabilities and potential in this thriving industry.

The startup ecosystem in London, the tech heart of the United Kingdom, makes it a fertile ground for establishing innovative companies in this niche. Each startup presents a diverse application of communication infrastructure, from enhancing internet speeds to facilitating social experiences in apps. It is fascinating to see the diverse application of technology and their effectiveness in promoting digital communications.

The following startups have not only identified significant market gaps but have also offered solutions that seem futuristic. They are setting up the stage for advancements in this field while fostering productivity, connectivity, and efficiency like never before. So, without further ado, let’s get to know these startups.


SEDNA is an Intelligent Communications System that serves as the primary digital workspace for teams involved in complex projects. SEDNA was founded by Bill Dobie and specialises in Communications Infrastructure, Document Management, Email, SaaS, and Software.

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Focusing on secure and self-sovereign chat apps and collaborations, Element provides avenues for efficient and effective digital interactions. Founders Amandine Le Pape and Matthew Hodgson aim to enhance Apps, Commercial, Communications Infrastructure, Information Technology, Software, VoIP sectors.

Ziegal Ltd

Addressing the demand for higher internet speeds, Ziegal Ltd, under the leadership of Mohammed Amir, is revolutionizing the UK’s Wi-Fi market.


Allshortcode is a simple yet effective startup focusing on SMS shortcode directory lookup, thus servicing the Communication Infrastructure Industry.

Publicis Poke

Being a creative marketing & advertising company, Publicis Poke helps businesses effectively communicate their messages and propositions, thus commanding a place in the Communication Infrastructure Industry.


Founded by Jay L., AgilityPortal is a social intranet enterprise software that fosters connectivity, communication, and collaboration in teams.

Orra Creative

Orra Creative enhances communications by providing editorial services as part of its design, marketing, and communications solutions.


Under the guidance of Tariq Rauf, Qatalog is creating a hub for modern teams and knowledge workers to enhance their collaboration and individual efficiency.


Worldr, helmed by Max Buchan, is focusing on creating zero-trust security products for existing collaboration and communications platforms.

Mangata Networks

Mangata Networks is specialising in satellite and wired communication services under the leadership of Brian Holz and Juliette Neu.


Founders Francesca Gargaglia, Korawad Chearavanont, and Touchapon Kraisingkorn enable developers to add pre-built social features easily on their apps through Amity.


nst.agency, led by Michal Dybowski, is a consulting and new science research company, pushing the boundaries of communication in various sectors, including Blockchain, Education, and IT.

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Bondi Platform Ltd

Bondi Platform Ltd founders—Andrea Dutto, Gabriele Schiavone, Pissarello Marco—present a 360 degrees cyber security solution that offers 100% encrypted tools for communication and data sharing.


Bloxspring offers diverse business solutions, including consulting, strategies, propositions, sales, and solutions in Communication Infrastructure, Consulting, Marketing, and Sales.


Founders Christopher Evans, Pete Hamilton, and Stephen Whitworth of incident.io have developed a Slack-integrated incident management tool to manage and resolve all incidents in a single channel.

These startups serve as examples of the creativity, perseverance, and vision required to create groundbreaking solutions in the Communications Infrastructure industry. They are not only transforming how we communicate but also evolve with changing technological developments. From facilitating intimate personal conversations to fostering vast corporate collaborations, they are reshaping the landscape of digital communication.

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