Which Manchester Financial Services Startups are Influencing UK’s Economy in 2023?

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The UK’s Silicon Valley is Manchester, with its burgeoning tech and development scene. This vibrant city has recently seen an influx of highly innovative and unique startups, particularly in the financial service sector. Among these fintech innovators are companies seeking to revolutionise everything from how consumers handle their money, to how businesses manage their tax credits, or even invest in property. Let’s dive deeper into 15 compelling Manchester-based financial service startups that are shaking up the financial landscape.

The fintech landscape in Manchester is diverse, featuring companies venturing into areas such as digital currencies, financial advising, and commercial finance broking. Each startup has a distinct philosophy and set of offerings that distinguish it from the rest. Here they are:

Let’s start with FoneWire, a digital currency provider that endeavours to serve the local communities efficiently.


The fintech startup aims to simplify digital transactions and make the internet a more secure place for financial activities. While the founders released limited information, the company has cemented its position as a significant player in digital currency.

Next on our list is RDvault, the only fully integrated R&D tax credits software.


The main objective of the company is to facilitate businesses and advisors in claiming R&D tax incentives innovatively. Although the details about the founders are not provided, the company has made significant strides in the financial services, fintech, and software field.

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In third place, we highlight All Star Funding Solutions, a competitive financial brokerage.

All Star Funding Solutions

It offers a range of commercial finance solutions, thereby making a significant impact in the finance and financial services industry. The brainchild behind this company is a secret, but its influence is already felt far and wide.

And then there’s Nivo, which redefines customer service interactions.


Co-founded by Michael Common, Nivo thrives at the intersection of financial services, government, and messaging, providing trusted and convenient customer service interactions.

The list would be incomplete without mentioningBankiFi, a specialist in business technology.


This fintech startup, founded by Mark Hartley, is revolutionising the financial services sector with remarkable innovations.

Bank North is another pivotal name in the Manchester fintech scene.

Bank North

Established by Craig Iley, Dave Broadbent, and Jonathan Thompson, the company offers banking and lending services and is making significant strides in banking, financial services, Fintech, and lending.

Continuing with our list, Dot Residential is also making a remarkable impact in the real estate and property sector.

Dot Residential

Co-founded by Fraser Armstrong-Watters, Gray Stern, and Lucy Sharp, the company aims at turning investment properties for short-term rentals. It operates in a niche where financial services, property management, real estate, and rental property converge.

Another financial stalwart is theAssetz Exchange, an inspiring name in the realm of banking and financial services.

Assetz Exchange

Founded by Peter Read and Stuart Law, the company is committed to providing tax-free income and capital growth to its clients.

Moving forward, Financielle is another app-based startup that provides financial guidance.

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The startup founded by Holly Holland and Laura Pomfret is appreciated for its commitment to aiding users in making better investment decisions.

Next, let’s discuss Workr Group, an evolving firm which is offering a range of accounting, tax, back-office and financial services.

Workr Group

With its diversified approach, the firm is scaling rapidly, successfully carving its niche in the financial sector.

Another significant name in the Manchester commercial scene is Spinningfields Lifetime Partners. This advisory company offers essential services in investments, wealth management, tax planning, and mortgages.

Spinningfields Lifetime Partners

The company’s strategic services designed to maximise client’s capital make it a clear standout.

Let’s not forget Match Me Car Finance, a key player in the auto financing industry.

Match Me Car Finance

This online firm aims to lighten the load of individuals seeking credit assistance and loans for automotive finance.

Another name worth mentioning here is Preme Pay which not only facilitates local payment methods but also enhances sales reach for companies in emerging countries.

Preme Pay

It is a shining example of innovative entrepreneurial ventures in the payment industries.

Next up is Money Advice Online which helps UK households to manage their finances in comparison with other options available in the market.

Money Advice Online

It helps consumers save money on insurances, credit cards, loans and utilities, positioning itself as an essential financial tool.

Last but not least, Infinite Wealth Trading, a company specialising in providing trading education, is making waves in the financial sector.

Infinite Wealth Trading

As a service provider, the company successfully educates individuals on the ways of the trading industry.

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Wrapping up, Manchester’s fintech scene shows formidable strength and variety, setting new standards in the global financial services landscape. These startups are at the vanguard of financial technology, crafting brighter futures for businesses and consumers alike.

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