Which Manchester Mobile App Startups are Transforming the UK Tech Scene?

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Manchester, a vibrant city known for its rich history in innovation has become a significant hub for technology-based startups in recent years. These startups have been making impressive strides in improving and digitising various sectors, improving the quality of life for those in the local community and beyond. One niche which these startups are making their mark is in the Mobile Apps arena. This article aims to take a closer look at selecting fifteen of these startups, their contributions to the digital world, and how their innovative solutions are helping change the technology landscape in Manchester and UK as a whole.


Quantilytics is an ambitious startup that provides a range of software solutions. They specialize in Mobile Development, Data Science and AI, Desktop application solutions, and Web Development. Their broad spectrum of expertise positions them uniquely in the tech industry, offering comprehensive solutions to a variety of challenges faced by businesses.


Vironic is synonymous with revolutionizing how businesses advertise. The company focuses on programmatic video advertising, a highly coveted advertising space, bolstering brands’ reach to their target demographics.

Huddled Tech App Development

Hybrid, iOS, Android, and Web app development are at the heart of Huddled Tech App Development. They are committed to offering robust and user-focused app solutions, thus putting brands at the forefront of the digital world.


Viper has been making waves by enhancing nightlife experiences. Their award-winning app allows users to browse, book tables and skip queues in bars and clubs, a major win for both businesses and consumers.

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Enter WalletAds, a mobile engagement platform that has successfully incorporated a range of technologies such as mobile wallets and social engagement, thereby creating a versatile platform that is suitable for masses.

Your Fitness Journey Ltd.

Your Fitness Journey Ltd. is a fitness-focused mobile app company, offering tools to help users achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

Further Network

Further Network has made significant strides in the Travel-Tech industry with their Autonomous Smart Travel Ecosystem, leveraging technologies such as Blockchain and Cybersecurity.


Ally has created an app that helps people with alopecia find friends. Their commitment to creating community and fostering bonding among those with similar experiences is touching.


Website and Mobile app development are at the heart of what CyberPal does. Their collaborative approach and expert understanding of web technologies are vital for businesses aiming for a solid digital presence.


BlockHosts.io is an innovative startup focusing on Hospitality 3.0. Their broad use of technologies such as Blockchain and social media is a testament to their innovation.


Chatloop has introduced a social browser that creates contextual conversations on content. By linking information technology, internet browsing, and mobile apps, they are reinventing how we interact online.

Balance App

Balance App emphasizes health and wellness in their mission. Their app provides resources for women, aiding in different stages of their health journey.

Orka Pay

Orka Pay offers a mobile app and platform giving workers more control and flexibility over their pay, a necessary tool in a rapidly evolving work environment.

Hype Burst

Hype Burst is an online platform facilitating users with the creation, management, and editing of custom mobile fitness apps. With their assistance, anyone can have a fitness app tailored to their needs.

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ACE Union

ACE Union is a mobile wallet app that provides online banking, international payment, and financial services. Their comprehensive financial solutions put users in control of their financial journey.

In conclusion, the robust growth of mobile app startups in Manchester demonstrates the city’s potential as a significant tech hub in the UK. With a wide variety of applications, from health and wellness to finance and hospitality, these startups are shaping Manchester into a city that embraces and drives technological innovation.

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