Which Manchester Mobile Apps Startups Are Shaping the UK’s Tech Scene?

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From the bustling streets of Manchester, a new kind of startup industry is booming – mobile apps. Manchester, home to a vibrant digital tech scene, is steadily making its name as a hub for creative mobile app startups. These companies are transforming industries, from fitness and health care to fintech and hospitality.

Through their unique apps, these startups are leveraging technology to solve customer problems. Each is showcasing the incredible innovation and resilience of Manchester. This article will highlight 15 of these fascinating and innovative mobile app startups, providing a snapshot of their features, founders, and industries.

Whether you are an investor, a tech enthusiast, or someone on the lookout for the next engaging app to download, be prepared to hop on a journey through Manchester’s smartest startups.


Quantilytics works at the intersection of Mobile Development, Data Science, AI, Desktop Application Solutions, and Web Development, making it a powerhouse in the analytics, AI, CRM, IT, iOS, mobile apps, software, and web design industries. Despite the anonymity of its founders, the expertise and scope of the company speak for themselves.


Founded by Dean Carni and Dima Os, Vironic is a game-changer in the realm of programmatic video advertising. Specializing in mobile apps, TV, and video advertising, this startup is carving out a digital niche in the visual ad space.

Huddled Tech App Development

Huddled Tech App Development is a hybrid, iOS, and Android mobile app, and a web app development company. It innovates in the world of app marketing, apps, digital marketing, mobile apps, and web development. Despite the anonymity of the founders, Huddled is making strides in app development.

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Winning awards within and beyond the UK’s borders, Viper, founded by Craig Davies, Craig Gidley, and Stephen Powell, is changing nightlife with a one-stop app for browsing and booking tables, drinks packages, and queue jumps in bars plus clubs.


WalletAds is a mobile engagement platform integrating social, mobile wallet, payment, and web technologies into a single user-friendly space. WalletAds is making significant strides in the mobile apps and software industry, helping enhance mobile experiences for users.

Your Fitness Journey Ltd.

In the realms of Android, fitness, healthcare, mobile apps, and software, Your Fitness Journey Ltd is making waves with its mobile application that caters to fitness enthusiasts.

Further Network

Founded by Cem Ersözlü, Erdem Üney, and Eser Sevim, Further Network is evolving the Travel-Tech industry with its Autonomous Smart Travel Ecosystem, integrating blockchain, cyber security, mobile apps, and travel into one platform.


Nichola McAvoy founded Ally, a friend-finding app exclusively for people with alopecia. It operates within the apps, health care, and mobile apps industry, providing support and community for those dealing with alopecia.


CyberPal specializes in developing websites and mobile apps. They are carving out their space in web and mobile app development, leading the way for future innovators in the field.


With founders Lauren Stewart and Moshe David Rubinstein at the helm, BlockHosts.io is revolutionizing the Hospitality 3.0 sector with its blend of blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, hospitality, mobile apps, and social media.


Founded by Andrew Barlow, Chatloop is a social browser creating contextual conversations on content. It reinforces the connection between IT, internet, mobile apps, and web browsers.

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Balance App

The Balance App, which specializes in healthcare, mobile apps, wellness, and women’s services, provides comprehensive health and wellness services for women, particularly revolving around menopause.

Orka Pay

Orka Pay is a mobile app & platform giving workers increased control and flexibility over their pay, working in the industry of IT, mobile apps, and software. Orka Pay is enhancing the way people engage with their finances.

Hype Burst

Hype Burst is a unique online service where users can create, manage, and edit their custom mobile fitness app, showcasing their innovation in the IT and mobile apps industry.

ACE Union

ACE Union is a mobile wallet app providing online banking, international payment, and financial services. By breaking new ground in banking, financial services, mobile apps, and payments, it’s becoming indispensable for users seeking an all-in-one financial solution.

Visit their respective sites and decide for yourself which of these Manchester startups has the best mobile apps to offer you.

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