Which Non-Profit Startups Are Reshaping England’s Future in 2023?

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Welcome to UKT.news, where we highlight the fresh and innovative ideas born within the UK. Today, we turn our focus to a particular breed of startups making a difference in the society – the nonprofits. While these companies might not be aiming to make a quick buck, they are changing lives and transforming communities. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of some of the most interesting non-profit startups from across England.

Despite the challenging economic environment, these startups have emerged to address various societal issues ranging from homelessness to education, healthcare and even the future of fine wine. They are redefining what it means to be a business by putting purpose before profit, without losing sight of sustainability and operational effectiveness.

These startups are testament to the fact that businesses can be structured to fulfil more than just economic objectives. So, join us today as we explore some of them in more detail and celebrate their commitment to making England and the world at large, a better place.


[Villge](http://www.villge.co) is a startup founded by Dean Eastwood and Lee-Anne Eastwood. Operating within the Health Care, Education, Association, Communities, Non Profit and Marketplace industries, it aims to create a supportive community for families and associated workers.

PA Housing

[PA Housing](https://www.pahousing.co.uk) offers unique housing solutions targeting rental and independent living. It thrives within the Real Estate, Non Profit and Property Management industries.

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ARENI institute

[ARENI Institute](https://areni.global/) is a global research and action institute focused on the future of Fine Wine. It navigates within the Wine and Spirits and Non Profit industries.


[Buengo](http://www.buengo.com) founded by Alex Hancock and Fela Hughes, is an innovative smartphone app that helps users sell unwanted items and donate the proceeds to a good cause. It operates within multiple industries including Charity, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, Non Profit, Recycling, Sharing Economy, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Impact and Sustainability.

ShareAction AODP

[ShareAction AODP](https://aodproject.net) a nonprofit organization that provides risk management services and analysis for retirement savings. It plies its trade within the Risk Management, Analytics, Non Profit, and Financial Services industries.

Benchmark IT Leaders – Andy Britnell

[Benchmark IT Leaders – Andy Britnell](http://www.benchmarkintrec.com) provides a platform for connecting senior IT leaders by the invitation-only model. The community thrives within the Association, Communities, Events and Non Profit sectors.


[TapSimple](https://tapsimple.org/), founded by Alexander Coleridge and Tom Montague, aims to assist charities, fundraisers and volunteers to raise more donations in an increasingly cashless world.

Notting Hill Genesis

[Notting Hill Genesis](https://www.nhg.org.uk/) is a housing association based in London that delivers affordable houses for all. It operates within the Civil Engineering, Construction and Non Profit industries.

Bookmark Reading Charity

[Bookmark Reading Charity](http://www.bookmarkreading.org) is a non-profit organisation that aids children to develop their reading skills.

Centre for Homelessness Impact

[Centre for Homelessness Impact](https://www.homelessnessimpact.org) is a nonprofit organization enhancing the lives of people experiencing homelessness through effective use of data and evidence.


[TechSkills](https://www.techskills.org) is a non-profit organisation offering education and training to support budding digital and tech careers.

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[Anchor](https://www.anchor.org.uk) is a startup providing housing and care for elderly people within the Elder Care, Health Care and Non Profit industries.


[BGI](https://thebgi.uk) is an upcoming national games agency. It was announced in 2016 with the intent of securing new funding.

Future Wood Green Business Improvement District

[Future Wood Green Business Improvement District](https://woodgreenbid.co.uk) is a framework specially designed to support both businesses and local bodies. It operates within the Events, Marketing and Non Profit sectors.

Lotus Housing

Founded by Gurpaal Judge, [Lotus Housing](https://lotushousing.co.uk/) is a community organization providing supported residential housing and private rentals for homeless and at-risk families. It functions within the Charity, Communities, Homeless Shelter, Non Profit and Social Assistance sectors.

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