Which Trading Platform Startups are Transforming London’s Financial Sector?

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London is home to a diverse and thriving startup ecosystem and particularly stands out in the field of financial technology. Numerous innovative trading platform startups have sprouted up in the city, reshaping the way we trade, invest, and manage our financial resources. It is these fearless ventures that we seek to highlight in this article.

The city is not just the financial hub of the UK but also a leading global fintech centre. The startups featured here are disrupting traditional trading and creating innovative solutions servicing everything from cryptocurrency to commodities. They are enhancing trading experiences using cutting-edge technology, like AI, blockchain, and more to provide unprecedented insight and control in trading.

Without further ado, let’s dive into exploring these startups that are creating ripples in the financial and trading landscape from the heart of London.


Website: Gimmer

Focused on simplifying digital currency trading, Gimmer is a trading platform offering automated cryptocurrency trading. Founded by Persio Arco e Flexa, it is aimed at everyone from experienced traders to those just beginning their journey in the field.

Peterhouse Securities

Website: Peterhouse Securities

Peterhouse Securities is a specialist securities company offering services in investment bonds, fixed-income securities, foreign exchange, and trade reporting among other services.

The Magic of Things

Website: The Magic of Things

The Magic of Things is a trading platform bringing a fresh approach to online trading. Although the founders remain behind the scenes, they have brought to life an interesting venture to reshuffle the trading landscape.

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Website: ResonanceX

Co-founded by Guillaume Chatain and Hariton Korizis, ResonanceX is a fintech platform offering a low-code solution for financial services. They specialize in managing the wealth of their users with extreme efficiency.


Website: AiX

Founded by Jos Evans, AiX is empowering traders with the use of artificial intelligence. This AI trading broker integrates blockchain technology to deliver unmatched insight and control to its users.

Sns Analytics

Website: Sns Analytics

Sns Analytics, established by Mesut Tastan, is a fintech company that offers services in algorithmic trading, machine learning, and cryptocurrency. They are combining state-of-the-art technology with financial expertise to revolutionize trading.


Website: CryptoBrokerage

Helmed by Sheriff Olujide, CryptoBrokerage is providing a decentralized cryptocurrency best execution trading platform, BestecX. This platform is dedicated to providing a smooth and secure trading experience to its users.


Website: Coinrule

Founded by Gabriele Musella, Oleg Giberstein, and Zdeněk Höfler, Coinrule is an automated investment platform for cryptocurrency trading. By catching market opportunities, it allows users to grow their digital assets without needing expert knowledge in crypto trading.

Vertex Market

Website: Vertex Market

Co-founded by Alessandro Pecorelli, Vertex Market is a peer-to-peer trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Their services aim to democratize access to cryptocurrency trading opportunities.


Website: Sellar

Sellar is reinventing trading for the beer industry. Founded by James Powell, Julian Bourne, and Matt Pritchard, Sellar provides a new trade ordering experience for breweries directly selling to trade customers.

Zylo Trade

Website: Zylo Trade

Zylo Trade is creating a safe and secure way for traders to invest and trade in a multitude of financial instruments, ranging from cryptocurrencies and forex to NFTs and gold.

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Website: GCEX

GCEX, led by Lars Holst, provides advanced digital solutions for trading and management of diverse deep liquidity currencies and digital assets.


Website: Tokenise

Tokenise, founded by Mike Kessler, helps startups and small companies raise capital from investors through tokenized securities. It provides an innovative approach to traditional funding methods.


Website: BLOC-X

Andrew Toumazi’s BLOC-X is a software provider for over-the-counter (OTC) oil block future markets. They aim to reduce transaction costs by up to 90% with their electronic trading software.

Aleph Commodities

Website: Aleph Commodities

Aleph Commodities is an investment and trading company that offers investment, logistics, and risk management solutions across the commodities supply chain.

In conclusion, the UK’s vibrant startup scene, particularly within the trading platform space, continues to flourish and evolve. With London leading the charge as a hotbed of fintech innovation, the future looks promising for buyers, sellers, investors, and traders across industries.

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