Which UK 3D Printing Startups are Revolutionising the Industry Today?

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In the ever-evolving world of technology, the UK is positioning itself as a leading innovator in a specific area: 3D printing. Across numerous sectors, from education to manufacturing, 3D printing is revolutionizing processes and redefining possibilities. Let’s take a closer look at fifteen standout UK-based 3D printing startups that are at the forefront of this technological evolution.

These startups display both the wide-ranging potentials of 3D printers and the innovation of UK businesses in embracing this future-looking tech. Some use this technology to disrupt their sectors, bringing new levels of efficiency and innovation. From fostering educational advancements to reimagining sustainable manufacturing processes, these startups are truly fascinating.

Beyond the practical applications, we’ll also delve into the founding journeys, exploring who is guiding these startups as they lead the charge in 3D printing advancements. Join us as we explore how these innovative UK startups are shaping the future of 3D printing.

Dicey Tech

Dicey Tech is an Edtech company that aims to empower future innovators through project-based learning. Their focus is on building an education infrastructure that matches the capabilities of Industry 4.0 revolutions. Prominent in fields including 3D technology, IT, and STEM Education, founders Alex Alexandrescu and Sofiane Bebert have created a unique learning experience.


Designrhome.com is an unconventional utilizer of 3D printing. Specializing in home accessories, such as coffee machines and cooking items, they bring together a mix of 3D printing, consumer goods, electronics, and manufacturing. Although founder information is currently unavailable, the team has been making innovative strides in the field.

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OxMet Technologies

OxMet Technologies applies a technical angling to 3D printing, developing proprietary alloys, alloy powders and alloy components. Serving industries such as aerospace, automotive and more, founders David Crudden, Enrique Alabort Martinez, and Fauzan Adziman have created a innovative manufacturing niche.

Fishy Filaments

Fishy Filaments represents the sustainability facet in 3D printing. They transform used fishing nets into 3D printer filament. Founded by Ian Falconer, the company boosts recycling efforts in a creative and technologically savvy manner.

Xcavate Robotics

Xcavate Robotics disrupts traditional sectors such as construction with their 3D-print-capable automation solutions. Founded by Senake Atureliya, they offer unprecedented efficiency in project time and cost reduction, as well as emissions control.

3DC Ltd

Providing an on-demand manufacturing platform and tools kit, 3DC Ltd demonstrates the expansive applications of 3D printing across various industries. Founded by Alex Ziff, their product range encompasses industries like Drones, Manufacturing, and Industrial Engineering.

Pragma Well Technology

A specialist in providing technology solutions for the oil and gas industry, Pragma Well Technology incorporates 3D printing to enhance sector efficiency and innovation.

Dibbsto 3D Printers Uk

As an online technology store, Dibbsto 3D Printers Uk utilizes 3D printing to offer cutting-edge tools and services in the e-commerce and IT sectors.

Southside Print

Southside Print extends the applications of traditional printing to the 3D realm, redefining what’s possible in commercial level printing.


Incorporating 3D printing into autonomous vehicle design, Antonym is driven by the mission to revolutionize the road freight market. Founder Revannth N Murugesan leads this forward-thinking initiative.


Providing turnkey solutions for Wire+Arc Additive Manufacturing, WAAM3D founders Filomeno Martina, Jialuo Ding, and Stewart Williams continue to innovate in the manufacturing process.

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Eye Dream

Eye Dream has brought 3D printing to the eyewear industry, creating a disruptive vision care system that allows prescriptions to be obtained using smartphone technology. Founder Abhishek Sehgal has spearheaded this health tech evolution.


Extrude reimagines 3D printing’s applications for the digital space. Specifically, they’ve created a web and mobile app that embraces the flexibility of e-commerce marketplaces.


Amphibio combines environmental sensitivity with technology, creating a 3D printed amphibious garment that functions as a gill. Founder Jun Kamei is the mind behind this design marvel.

Co Print

Working towards furthering the 3D printer industry, Co Print offers technology assistance and development to other organizations within the category.

These fifteen startups offer a glimpse of the UK’s forefront activity in the world of 3D printing. As these businesses grow, we can anticipate a future where this technology will be even more integrated into our everyday lives.

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