Which UK Data Center Startups Are Revolutionising the Industry?

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UKT.news is proud to present an exclusive look at some of the most innovative data center startups and companies flourishing within the UK. As the digital landscape evolves and data consumption continues to skyrocket, these businesses have emerged as leaders of innovation in managing, storing, and protecting our valuable digital assets. Let’s delve deeper into the world of data, and appreciate the companies striving to reshape the future of data centric operations in the UK.

In recent years, startups focusing on data center management have seen a surge in relevance and demand. From offering secure and efficient data storage solutions, to providing cutting-edge cloud computing services – they cover a broad spectrum of needs. This article features 15 such startups that are making a significant impact in the data center universe with their innovative services and solutions.

For businesses seeking data center solutions in the UK, the following startups offer a range of services from cloud computing to data storage and more. Let’s explore these budding ventures, and understand their resulting footprint on the UK’s technological landscape.

LoMaRe Technologies

LoMaRe Technologies is a startup that combines Big Data and Biotechnology to develop PMRAM, a next-generation memory technology. They are carving their niche in the sectors of Data Center, Data Storage, Information Technology, and Software with advanced technological solutions.


Headed by founder Jacobo Guerra, Webgenius offers services including Webhosting, AI Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and introducing SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, AIaaS. Additionally, it provides Assisted Webdesign and a Start-Ups Marketplace, aligning itself with the booming spheres of Artificial Intelligence, Data Center Automation, and Social Media Marketing.

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VIPA Digital

VIPA Digital is a consulting and advisory firm specialized in data center strategy, risk, compliance, and investment services. This startup stands firmly in the Consulting, Data Center, and Risk Management sectors, consistently providing top-tier services to its clients.


With a focus on providing enterprise networks, security, collaboration, and cloud-based services, Pxosys is building its reputation in the Data Center, Information Technology, and Professional Services sector.


Vadranam offers cloud computing, serverless applications, security, and data services to its clients. The startup is making strides in Cloud Computing, Data Center, and Information Services fields.


Xytri is specializing in colocation services with added values such as managed networking solutions and remote hands, making it a notable player in the Data Center, Infrastructure, and Internet sectors.


BlockFrauds develops big data management software to simplify workflows and build business resilience. With its deep involvement in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning, it is a unique presence in the Data Center Automation sphere.

Trust Keith

Trust Keith ingeniously combines real human interaction with technology to safely manage your data protection, standing out in the Data Center, Network Security, and Software sectors.

Aviation Data Solutions

Aviation Data Solutions is an IT consultancy that offers data-centric solutions to technological problems in business and aviation firms. It is a key player in the sectors of Air Transportation, Data Center Automation, IT Infrastructure, and IT Management.

IT Naturally

Founded by Julie Bishop, IT Naturally is an IT company that offers cloud computing, data center, network management, cyber security, and managed IT services.

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Mercu is an IT services company providing cybersecurity solutions, cloud computing, data center, and IT training services. It operates seamlessly in the sectors of Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Data Center, and Information Technology.

Bolinder IT Services

Founded by Mikael Dúi Bolinder, Bolinder IT Services is a comprehensive information technology company providing Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Management, Data Center Automation, IT Infrastructure solutions, and much more.

Global Technical Realty

Global Technical Realty provides build-to-suit data centers for hyperscalers and is constantly looking for suitable M&A opportunities. It has solidified its status in the Data Center and Information Technology sectors through its comprehensive services.

Ping Proxies

Proficient in providing residential and datacenter proxy, Ping Proxies has found its niche in the Content Delivery Network, Data Center, and Information Technology sectors.

Infinity Evergreen

Co-founded by Chris Porter and Frank Foxall, Infinity Evergreen integrates smart automation to manage a Windows Evergreen environment, operating in the sectors of Data Center Automation, Information Technology, and Software.

In conclusion, each of these startups represents a milestone in the development of Data Center management and infrastructure. With their innovative models and solutions, they are not only leveraging the potential of data usage but also redefining how businesses interact with data across industries. Watch this space as they continue to revolutionize the UK’s digital landscape.

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