Which UK Farming Startups are Revolutionising Agricultural Practices in 2023?

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As a breeding ground for daring innovations, the UK has always been on the cutting-edge of various industries worldwide. One of the sectors growing at a galloping pace, thanks to the influx of inventive startups, is agriculture, specifically farming. With an increasing focus on sustainability, resource preservation and innovative approaches to food cultivation, these startups are revolutionising farming and offering solutions for the future. In this article, we turn the spotlight on 15 notable UK farming startups making waves in the industry.

The underlying ethos of these startups evolves around smart farming, using cutting-edge technology, AI, automation, biogenetics, and renewable energy. They bring a fresh perspective to farming in ways that can shape the future of food cultivation, production and supply. From insects as a food source to vertical farming and smart-robotics, these innovative startups are bringing creativity to farming like never before.

So here is a closer look at these startups, their unique selling points, industry focus, founding teams and websites. Each startup is shaking up the landscape in its own unique way, working, innovating, and providing solutions to meet the rapidly evolving needs of modern farming.


Launched by Andrii Seleznov and Maryna Kuzmenko, Petiole is an AgTech startup offering yield prediction and monitoring using a smartphone. The startup operates in the agricultural, cannabis growing, farming, flower growing, and horticulture sectors, as well as the industrial automation industry.

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The Small Robot Company

Co-founded by Ben Scott-Robinson and Sam Watson Jones, The Small Robot Company develops small, AI-controlled robots for farming. Their focus is on developing ‘per plant farming’ capabilities in global agriculture.

Earth Rover

Earth Rover is an AI startup launched by David Whitewood, James Arthur, and Sergio A. Martinez delivering precision farming robots. They aim to bridge modern farming with the autonomous farm of the future.

Beta Bugs Limited

For those thinking beyond traditional methods, there’s Beta Bugs an insect genetics company by Thomas Farrugia. They develop and distribute high-performance Black Soldier Fly breeds to insect farmers.

Shockingly Fresh

Shockingly Fresh is reinventing farming with their technology for natural light vertical farming.

Oxbury Bank

The first UK’s dedicated agricultural bank, Oxbury Bank, was founded by James Farrar, Nick Evans, and Timothy Coates. It aims to focus exclusively on the rural economy.

Omega Crop

Omega Crop, a startup by Grant Whittle and Jared Bainbridge, provides crop modelling, management, and weather modelling solutions.

EcoNomad Solutions

EcoNomad Solutions co-founded by Alexander Demenko and Ilan Adler, is an agritech startup focusing on sustainable smallholder farming.

Eco Equity

Eco Equity focuses on medicinal cannabis extracts, producing GMP-Flower, GMP-Oil for the pharmaceutical industry.


Co-founded by David Speller, Optifarm provides smart farming services with real-time recommendations.


Fintech solution provider, FarmCoin, is a blockchain built with the goal of helping in strategic agricultural financing.

Advanced Plant Growth Centre

The Advanced Plant Growth Centre works on developing science that underpins commercial, economic, and environmental benefits in agriculture and the food and beverage sectors.

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Flexi-funding is a finance brokerage company for the agriculture, commercial, equestrian and farming sectors.

The Ethical Dairy

The Ethical Dairy produces traditional artisan unpasteurised cheese with a ‘make cheese, not war’ ethos.


Founded by Lorenzo Conti, Crover is the first provider of an autonomous grain storage monitoring solution for grain merchants and co-operatives.

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