Which UK Food Processing Startups Are Shaping the Industry in 2023?

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In the vibrant and bustling landscape of the United Kingdom’s food processing industry, several innovative startups are making their presence felt. These startups are pushing boundaries, disrupting norms and introducing new and exciting products. This article will take a closer look at 15 such food processing startups operating in the UK, shining a light on what they do and who they are.

The UK food processing industry has seen an upsurge in the number of startups. Leveraging the power of the latest technology and sustainability trends, these startups are revolutionizing how consumers experience and interact with food. Be it using the best natural ingredients, offering calorie-controlled meals, or manufacturing dairy-free alternatives, these startups cater to diverse preferences and dietary needs.

With a focus on healthy living, sustainability and convenience, these startups are designed to cater to the needs of the modern population. Each startup has its own unique story; some born out of passion for nutrition, others for ethical food production and distribution. Let’s delve into the exciting stories of each of these food processing startups in the UK.

The Skinny Sauce Company

The Skinny Sauce Company, founded by Maria Doran, is making waves in the snack food industry. Using natural sweeteners, they produce a range of sugar-free and gluten-free sauces, creating healthy alternatives to staple condiments.

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Hunter & Gather Foods

Hunter & Gather Foods was launched by Amy Moring and Jefferson Webster. They were the first to introduce Avocado Oil Mayonnaise free from sugar, gluten, preservatives, and harmful oils in the UK and Europe.

Karma Kitchen

Karma Kitchen provides shared and private kitchen spaces for businesses to expand. It is an innovative venture set up by Francesca Newton and Georgina Newton.

Mighty Pea

Tom and Nick Watkins lead the team at Mighty Pea that offers a smooth and creamy, dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk.

Millbrook Dairy Company

Millbrook Dairy Company specializes in cheese and butter products. Founders David Evans and Kevin Beer have crafted a brand centered around customer service and quality deliverables.

The Ethical Butcher

The Ethical Butcher spearheaded by Farshad Kazemian and Glen Burrows operates in the ethical meat industry, championing transparent and sustainable production and distribution methods.


Stuart Macdonald is the driving force behind ManiLife, a manufacturer of high-quality peanut butter products that capture consumers attention.

Jelly Drops

Jelly Drops has introduced an innovative way to manage daily water intake. The company manufactures water sweets, a unique solution that aids hydration.

The Turmeric Co

The Turmeric Co founded by Thomas Kanu produces a range of delicious turmeric shots made of fresh natural ingredients.

Leap Automation

Leap Automation is a startup providing food producers with end-of-line automation and machine vision systems.

Love Yourself Meals

Offering calorie-controlled and nutritious food based on different diet plans, Love Yourself Meals is revolutionizing the healthy meal delivery industry.

Cornwall Hamper Store

Specializing in producing and delivering high-quality food hampers, Cornwall Hamper Store is a startup providing tasty Cornish produce to customers.

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BioKind, founded by Chien An Chua and Rui Yan Lee, is contributing to sustainable farming practices. They produce protein that serves as a natural, sustainable, and traceable feed ingredient for aquaculture, livestock, and pets.


Kafi is a coffee bar offering an array of rich and flavorful coffees catering to diverse taste buds.

Creative Foods Europe

Creative Foods Europe, an OSI Group Company, operates in the food and beverage, food processing, and manufacturing industry.

The UK food processing industry is witnessing an explosion of creativity, innovation, and sustainability with these startups. They are reshaping the industry and the way consumers relate to and consume food. Each startup is more than just a business entity. It’s a story, a vision, and a committed effort to make a difference in the food industry.

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