Which UK Health Diagnostics Startups are Influencing Healthcare in 2023?

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In the realm of health diagnostics, emerging startups in the United Kingdom are making waves with their innovative approaches. These teams provide applications ranging from wearable tech and remote monitoring devices to artificial intelligence that can predict health outcomes. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, these startups are leading the charge by introducing state-of-the-art technologies to the world of medical diagnostics. Enhancing diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring, they embody the dramatic advances in this area brought by the digital transformation in healthcare. Here are 15 UK-based health diagnostic startups that you need to know about:


Scan.com was established by Charlie Bullock, Joe Daniels, and Khalid Latief. Combining health care with medical marketplace concept, their operations focus on health diagnostics. Offering a wealth of information on various medical providers, the startup aims to democratise healthcare, making it accessible to everyone. Find out more about Scan.com.

Vitrue Health

Vitrue Health was founded by Alex Haslehurst and Shane Lowe. Their unique product combines computer vision technology with health care to help assess and treat musculoskeletal issues like back pain. The startup offers a significant step forward in home health care and wellness.

Intolerance Lab

The Intolerance Lab offers quick, convenient tests for potential food and drink intolerances. Its tests, returned in just 3 days, can provide invaluable insights into personal health matters.

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Arete Medical Technologies

Offering precision medicine for asthma and COPD, Arete Medical Technologies was founded by Graeham Douglas. Their advanced software and devices help to significantly enhance the management of these prevalent respiratory diseases.

Hextransforma Healthcare

Hextransforma Healthcare was co-founded by Jean-luc Bressard. This modern startup offers telemedicine and digital healthcare solutions, including the medical tourism platform Brit-Med.com. They are pushing the boundaries of health diagnostics with their information technology.

Renalytix AI

Founder Girish Nadkarni and Steven Coca came together to create Renalytix AI. Touting artificial intelligence-enabled diagnostics, the startup focuses on kidney health and has made notable strides in biotechnology.

VIVAN Therapeutics

VIVAN Therapeutics co-founder Laura Towart is leading a charge to make personalized cancer therapeutics more common. Their big data approach to health diagnostics is pioneering a new future for cancer treatments.

Cambridge Raman Imaging

Cambridge Raman Imaging, established by Giulio Cerullo, is developing a revolutionary microscope which uses graphene to modulate ultra-short pulses of light to diagnose cancer tumours.

Panakeia Technologies

Panakeia Technologies’s founders Pahini Pandya and Pandu Raharja-Liu aim to make cancer diagnosis simpler, faster, and cheaper by eliminating the need for multiple tests.

Younique Healthcare

Younique Healthcare is a retail healthcare company that offers wheelchairs, auto folding scooters, rollators, and walkers. The company was founded by Andy Haines and Lee Cadman. Find more about them here.


Miznee, founded by Tayo Akiwumi, seeks to turn every smartphone into a medical imaging device. This represents a step forward for personal health diagnostic tools.


CanSense aims to change the landscape of cancer diagnosis. This innovative startup is developing an accurate, rapid, non-invasive blood diagnostic for early detection of cancer.

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Ananda Developments Plc

Ananda Developments Plc is investing in the development market for therapeutic cannabis derivatives, marking a notable trend in alternative health diagnostics.

Randox Food Diagnostics

Offering screening solutions for antimicrobials, toxins, and veterinary drugs, Randox Food Diagnostics represents a different approach to health diagnostics.


Microsonix, founded by Graham Peyton and Hamid Soleimani, develops accessible and life-saving ultrasound imaging. The startup is a great example of the continuing evolution within the health diagnostic sector.

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