Which UK Home Services Startups are Revolutionising the Industry in 2023?

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The United Kingdom is quickly becoming a global hub for innovative home services startups targeting a myriad of markets from home improvement and real estate to hospitality. These digitally-led businesses are leveraging their unique business models to satisfy the ever-evolving demands of modern consumers. Here, we showcase 15 exciting home services startups in the UK that are creating ripples in their respective industries.

We have chosen these startups for their innovative business models, potential for growth and impressive accomplishments thus far. These companies represent a mix of early-stage startups with enormous potential and companies that have already established their presence and are growing. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the fascinating world of UK home services startups.

Remember that these are just a select set of companies, representing a wide range of industries and markets within the home services category. There are countless other startups making waves in their respective niches, and the home services sector continues to grow and evolve at pace. If you’re interested in learning more about these companies, please follow the links to their profiles listed below.

Universal Trading Partners

Universal Trading Partners is a startup specializing in the sale of spare parts for home appliances and small electrical appliances. Their main industries encompass Electronics, Home Services and the Industrial sector. The names of the founders remain anonymous.

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Addison Shutters

Addison Shutters measure, supply and install window plantation shutters across the north west of the UK. The Manchester-based start-up operates in the Home Decor, Home Improvement, Home Renovation, Home Services, and Interior Design sectors. They are yet to disclose the identities of the founder(s).


Moovshack is the first fully interactive, mobile-first property platform that doubles as a free-to-list portal and a brandable estate agent app founded by Mick Silver and Pavel Sich.

Pikkle Ltd

Pikkle Ltd is an E-commerce and Home Services startup that connects households and small businesses to personalised, affordable services. Emilie Lockey, Tom Davies, and Tom Davies are the founders of Pikkle Ltd.


Founded by Denis Gromov and Julia Ponomareva, eMop is an online platform that offers bespoke cleaning services on-demand.

Get Work

Get Work, a MarTech SaaS solution founded by Leon Cullen and Nick Cole, aids UK tradespeople in finding and securing more jobs.


Oxwash, founded by Aron D’Souza, Kyle Grant, and Thomas de Wilton, is a provider of sustainable on-demand laundry and wet and dry cleaning services for all.

Acland Home

A SME house-building company that provides house-building services, Acland Homes Ltd was founded by Christopher Conroy, Jamie Allison and Stephen Litherland.


Offering homes and apartments with modern amenities on a rental basis or shared ownership sale, the identities of the founders of LiveWest remain undisclosed.

West Coast Roofing

West Coast Roofing aims to deliver the highest quality of roofing services in Scotland. The names of the founders are yet to be disclosed.


Evo, founded by Dean Shepherd and Mark Iandoli, is digitally transforming property management.

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Yhangry is a private chef marketplace where you can book a chef whenever you want to socialise at home. It was created by Heinin Zhang and Siddhi Mittal.


ALTIDO offers hospitality, investment, consulting, property management and vacation rental services, but the identities of the founders remain undisclosed.

Essex Homes and Lettings

Yet to disclose the identities of the founders, Essex Homes and Lettings provides property management services.


Wequire.homes is an innovative property platform aiming to replace estate agents with automation and freelancers. It was founded by Gergely Szep, Jakab Barna, and Robert Soos.

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