Which UK IT Management Startups are Influencing the Tech Industry?

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In the world of digital transformation, IT management has emerged as a critical factor for businesses. Innovative startups across the United Kingdom are creating powerful solutions for cloud infrastructures, cybersecurity, AI and blockchain technologies. Here, we present 15 interesting IT management startups, that are reshaping productivity, security, and business processes:

These startups encompass a wide range of services and solutions, including cloud computing, IT support, telecommunications, process automation, blockchain technologies, and cybersecurity. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the innovative world of UK-based IT management startups.

Each startup profile will include their name, website link, description, industry, and founders, providing an overview of their focus, domain, and industry influence. Let’s explore these exciting startups that are revolutionizing the IT Management landscape in the UK.

Crydent | Cloud and Support Solutions

Crydent is a UK-based IT solutions and services provider. They deliver 24/7 IT support, managed services, and modern cloud solutions to businesses across the nation. Founded by Cameron Willer, Crydent caters to diverse industries including Cloud Security, Network Security, and IT Infrastructure.

Iron Dome IT Support

With a focus on small and medium-sized businesses in London and the south-east, Iron Dome provides IT Support and cybersecurity solutions. In particular, they work on Cyber Security, Information Technology, Network Security, and Technical Support.

Orbit Defence

As a Managed IT Services provider, Orbit Defence offers services in Internet, IT Infrastructure, IT Management, Technical Support, and Web Hosting. Founded by Christopher Ainsley Carr, Orbit Defence is a one-stop solution for various IT Management needs.

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Ayo Telecom

Focusing on Telecommunications and Internet service provision, Ayo Telecom Founded by Tom M., they work across multiple segments such as Assistive Technology, Internet of Things, and Wired Telecommunications.


In the realm of IT Services and Computer Repair, grt.tech is an emerging name. Founded by Tony Hazel, this startup caters to the Computer and IT Management industry.


Specializing in business systems and process automation, JDLT is a solution-centric startup. Founders Jake Dowie and Tommy Long have focused their services on Consulting and Enterprise Software as well.

Oceain Insights

A digital video interview platform, Oceain Insights utilises AI to offer Corporate Personality Assessments. The startup operates within the Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, and IT Management sphere.


QBell offers a unique product – a QR code doorbell – that allows for instant contact with visitors from any location, anytime. Founded by Jack Brewitt, QBell brings Information Technology and Software products into everyday use.


For blockchain enthusiasts, Blockchain offers cutting-edge IT technologies and cryptocurrencies. Founded by Adam Bicz and Kajetan Maćkowiak, the startup delves into.Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and IT Management.

RemiTech Ltd

Helping businesses set-up for effective, secure remote working, RemiTech Ltd serves a currently crucial need. They offer services in Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Enterprise Software, IT Management, Management Consulting, and Software.

Core Team One

Core Team One develops, manages and provides information technology services. The startup, founded by Andrew Barnes, operates in the Cloud Management, Information Technology, IT Infrastructure, IT Management domains.

Trehane Technology Co.

Trehane Technology Co., founded by Oscar Trehane, is a managed IT and Cloud solutions provider based in Hampshire. The startup covers several key areas like Internet of Things, IT Infrastructure, IT Management, and Unified Communications.

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Xipe specializes in the creation of software development teams for various products. The startup’s domain extends over Information Technology, IT Management, and Software Engineering.

Aviation Data Solutions

Providing data-centric solutions to tech problems in business and aviation firms, Aviation Data Solutions is a unique IT consultancy. Their service list includes Air Transportation, Data Center Automation, Information Technology, IT Infrastructure, IT Management services.


Dealing with computer and network security, PhishTool provides a tool for email and phishing security solutions. They operate in the Information Technology, IT Management, Network Security sectors.

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