Which UK Mechanical Engineering Startups are Impacting the Industry in 2023?

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Startups across the United Kingdom are molding the future of mechanical engineering. Innovative companies are using cutting-edge technology to shake up everything from 3D printing and education to human propulsion and clean energy fitness. We’ve rounded up 15 of the most exciting and innovative mechanical engineering startups in the UK to watch right now.

The UK’s mechanical engineering industry is booming with youthful energy, creativity, and innovation. These startups are pushing the envelope, utilizing the latest technology and engineering concepts to shape the future of various industries like transportation, fitness, and even space research.

Keep reading to learn more about the novel approaches these startups are bringing to the table and the amazing products and solutions they are developing. Each entry provides a brief bio and a link to the startups’ websites.

Dicey Tech

Dicey Tech is an edtech company focused on empowering the innovators of tomorrow. Building an educational structure for Industry 4.0, they specialize in 3D technology, e-learning, and STEM education. The company was found by Alex Alexandrescu and Sofiane Bebert.


Incorporating air transportation, Mechanical design, and Mechanical engineering into its operations, Gravity is a British human propulsion technology company. This sensational startup was founded by Richard Browning.


Swytch is an innovative company that converts any bike into an electric one. Founders Dmitro Khroma, Hayley Bishop, and Oliver Montague lead this startup that works with consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and mechanical engineering.

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Advanced Mobility Research and Development (AMRD) Ltd

Developing both all-electric and hybrid-electric aircraft, Advanced Mobility Research and Development (AMRD) Ltd is a remarkable startup. Kamran Iqbal is one of the known founders.

BIG Atom

In the recycling industry, BIG Atom is making waves. Their mission is to end polymer waste, and in its pursuit, they develop, build and operate new generation infrastructure for processing waste. The company was founded by Alexander Guslisty and Toby Moss.


Gravitilab is transforming Research, Testing, and Qualification in Space by providing access to microgravity other Space environments. James Kilpatrick and Rob Adlard are the startup’s known founders.

Cogent Projects

Specializing in mechanical and electrical engineering, Cogent Projects offers a unique perspective in the industry.


Energym is a clean-energy fitness company that builds gym equipment that generates usable electrical power. The startup was founded by Will Flint.


Operating in the industrial engineering, manufacturing, and software sectors, Gen3D provides design software for additive manufacturing and DfAM training.

Richard Irvin Energy Solutions

Richard Irvin Energy Solutions provides building & facilities maintenance, engineering & fabrication & major contracting abilities throughout Aberdeen.


Offering technology, services, and analytics, Raphos is another innovative startup. They incorporate machine learning, civil engineering, and software engineering into their operations.

Safe Influx

Safe Influx has positioned itself as an independent supplier providing innovative automated well control solutions to the oil and gas industry.

DBR international

Specializing in designing, building, and adapting machinery, DBR international offers mechanical and electrical control solutions.

Hadley Powder Coatings

Hadley Powder Coatings provides premium powder coating services. They operate within industries such as automotive, customer service, and mechanical engineering.

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WBL Engineering

Completing the list is WBL Engineering Limited, a specialist in pneumatic conveying and large materials handling systems.

In a nutshell, whether it’s 3D technology for education, transforming research in space, or clean-energy fitness equipment – these startups are pushing the envelope. They’re an inspiring testament proving the importance of innovation and creativity in today’s business landscape.

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