Which UK Online Gaming Startups Are Influencing the Industry in 2023?

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Online gaming has quickly taken over the entertainment industry and is now the world’s largest economy with a revenue of $159.3 billion yearly. This increasing popularity has seen several gaming startups in the UK sprout up, each unique and exciting in its way. In this article, we will be exploring a handful of these fascinating game startups.

The rise of online gaming and esports has launched a vibrant and rapidly growing industry, providing a plethora of opportunities for startups. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for online games and entertainment has skyrocketed, leading to further industry growth. This surge has led to innovation and creativity among online games startups in the UK.

Amidst this rapid growth, a number of startups are emerging as game changers, carving out a niche, and innovating on the traditional concepts of this ever-evolving industry. Here are top 15 online gaming startups that you should be on the lookout for in the UK:

Pocket Sized Hands

Specialising in creating bespoke applications and games using the latest XR technologies, Pocket Sized Hands is impacting the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality gaming scene. Co-founded by Alan Yeats, Gary McCartan, and Rory Thomson, their dedication to the video gaming industry is remarkable.


JUST2CRAFT centers around providing an excellent Minecraft server network. This startup represents a vibrant and creative addition to the online gaming scene with their unique approach to the industry.

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Taking gaming to a new frontier, fruitlab is an NFT platform for gamers and esport enthusiasts. Constantly focusing on innovation and boundless creativity, fruitlab is a game-changer in the gaming industry.

PSY Ventures

PSY Ventures, spearheaded by Adam Grunwerg, is a leading media network in the spirituality niche with online games and mobile apps that captivate and engage their audience, making it a startup to monitor closely.


WeShareApps is spearheading a revolution in the app store market with their primary focus on organizing and distributing Progressive Web Apps targeting the next billion users. This startup was co-founded by Anders Juhl.

First Light Games

Developing exceptional games from various backgrounds, First Light Games is a group of seasoned game developers. Counted among its founders are Anil Das Gupta and Matt Ryan, whose contributions speak to the company’s growth and innovation.

Casino Football

Combining casino games with football themes, Casino Football is a London based online gaming company offering a unique approach to mobile-related technology and online gaming.

Silent Games

Silent Games takes pride in creating the best cooperative multiplayer games giving players a feeling of autonomy, mastery, and purpose, making it a compelling voice in the online gaming scene.


CasinoMaxi is making waves in the online casino and gambling industry, quickly becoming a company to watch as it continues to grow and innovate.


Specialising in providing competitive games, Markd is a gaming industry startup founded by Brandon Wu. Its offerings have become a significant factor in the online gaming landscape.

Miraj Stories

Miraj Stories brings healthy Halal screen time to children in the global Muslim market. Co-founder Adiba Ataeva’s focus on healthy screen time has created a unique niche in online gaming.

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Fundamentally Games

Fundamentally Games, founded by Adam Betteridge, Ella Romanos, and Oscar Clark is a modern multi-platform publisher focusing exclusively on live operated games.

TreesPlease Games

TreesPlease Games offers a range of computer and online games. Co-founded by Jamie Stowe and Laura Carter, it focuses on creating exciting gaming experiences.


Providing an online platform for gamers to find teams to play various online games, TEAMS.gg is redefining team-building and interaction among online game players, creating an all-around exciting gaming experience.

Silverback Gaming

Silverback Gaming is an upcoming software company making immersive online casino games, creating engaging gaming experiences for all.

In conclusion, the UK online gaming scene has bloomed in recent years, providing exciting prospects in technology, innovation, and entertainment. It will be fascinating to see what these companies – and any new entrants to the market – have in store in the future.

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