Which UK Outsourcing Startups are Transforming the Business Landscape?

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Outsourcing is a strategic tool that has gained unanimous acceptance in the business world. It has proven to be an effective way for companies to cut costs, boost efficiency, and tap into specialized skills, particularly for start-ups. The United Kingdom has seen an impressive growth in outsourcing startups that help businesses achieve these objectives with precision and efficiency. Here, we have rounded up 15 exceptional outsourcing startups and companies from England, providing a spectrum of services to suit businesses of every size and industry.

Wittenhearst Alexzander

Founded by Stephen-Francis Wittenhearst-Alexzander, Wittenhearst Alexzander is a versatile creative agency. Their core services include advertising, graphic design, market research, marketing, photography, social media marketing, video advertising, and, most importantly, outsourcing. They pride themselves in their ability to visualize, craft, write, film, photograph, and design works of art that leave a lasting impact.


An up and coming startup Optask is an on-demand platform primarily focused on outsourcing customer support for businesses. They act as a valuable staffing agency, ensuring that businesses are able to provide top-notch customer service without having to manage an in-house team.

Project Rising

Co-founded by Oliver Corder and Tim Davies, Project Rising is an IT company specializing in a spectrum of services – web development, SEO, project management, outsourcing, and UX design. They are dedicated to providing outsourcing solutions that are custom-tailored to the clients’ needs.

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Outsource Ethiopia

Focused on bolstering SaaS companies, Outsource Ethiopia, an initiative championed by Joshua King, offers exemplary remote sales staff to help businesses escalate revenues and reduce costs by up to 70%. They channel their expertise in B2B, consulting, enterprise, outsourcing, and sales to provide businesses with unparalleled solutions.

Leonid Group

The Leonid Group is another brilliant startup operating in the recruitment industry. They specialize in recruiting R&D tax, business development, risk managers, and grant funding consultants, thereby providing a one-stop solution for staffing needs.


A pioneer in offering outstanding solutions in .net core, we have Oscore. They blend their expertise in cloud management, outsourcing, software, and web development to deliver top-tier services.

4D Contact

Recognized for its financial solutions, 4D Contact, an initiative by Mark Smith, offers comprehensive debt recovery and credit management solutions. They center their services on helping clients enhance their cash flow and stimulate operational efficiency.

Synergy HR VI

An impeccable solution for HR needs, Synergy HR VI brings a suite of services – recruitment outsourcing, business continuity planning, career coaching, tax preparation, and payroll services, thus providing businesses with holistic HR solutions.

Eose Data

Eose Data robustly provides services in the domain of data commercialisation and data sourcing. They aim to deliver exceptional data and services, helping businesses transform their data into valuable insights.

Ebuiteq Limited

Specialized in AI, cloud, data, APIs, UI, and digital technology resourcing pool and transformation, Ebuiteq Limited, co-founded by Rajesh Verma, aids organisations in leveraging technological advancements to amplify their business transformation process.

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Remote Bob

Remote Bob is the brainchild of Barbara Maheshwari. It steers towards becoming the biggest digital virtual assistance hub on the internet, offering a wide range of services, from office administration to social media management.


Empowering a virtual workforce, YOVI is an exciting platform where businesses can tap into a talented network of freelancers. They create an ecosystem where freelancing and outsourcing collide to create unique service offerings.

Magic Factory

Founded by Aditya Shaw, Magic Factory provides collaborative product development outsourcing services for startups. They help start-ups bring their innovative ideas to life through their expertise in IT and software development.

Gorton Software

Another impressive startup is Gorton Software, an initiative by Abhi Bhardwaj. They specialize in analytics, big data, data visualization, IT, outsourcing, and software, enabling clients to capture valuable and meaningful insights from data.

Chatter Digital

Last but not least, is Chatter Digital — A content creation and SEO Agency that provides comprehensive services in SEO, social media management, and digital marketing, ensuring that businesses are able to create a robust online presence.

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