Which UK Peer-to-Peer Startups Are Revolutionising the Financial Industry?

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The world of startups is a dynamic and fascinating one. The United Kingdom has a plethora of innovative startups that disrupt traditional industries and chart new territories. In this feature, we will focus on peer to peer startups that leverage the power of crowd-based collaboration and engagement.

From finance and e-commerce to sharing economies and lifestyle services, these startups are revitalizing business models and customer interfaces. By connecting individuals and enabling them to interact directly with each other, they form decentralized networks that challenge the dominance of traditional, centralized businesses.

Whether you’re a potential investor, an interested consumer, or just looking for some inspiration, the following peer to peer UK startups are worth a look:


Founded by Alisa Sakovych and Tadeusz Bartkiewicz, Tradechum is a mobile application designed to connect people who wish to buy items from abroad with travelers who could deliver these items. The platform explores the untapped potential in the growing travel industry.


Conceived by Stani Kulechov, Aave is a non-custodial, open-source protocol on Ethereum for decentralized lending and borrowing. The fintech startup has proven successful in the lending and cryptocurrency fields.

Equipment Connect

Equipment Connect, co-founded by Eamonn McMahon and Enzo Zadrima, is heralding change in the equipment leasing sector by digitally connecting businesses, equipment suppliers, and third party funders.


Evershare.io, founded by Tim Hegarty, is a social tech enterprise that is developing an open banking platform for economical charitable donations.

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Vertex Market

Vertex Market, led by Alessandro Pecorelli, is a P2P trading platform for cryptocurrencies. It enables secure, non-custodial crypto trades directly between users.

Power Transition

Power Transition, under the direction of Anthony Morgan, offers a software architecture for a smart energy system. The platform enables decentralized planning and automated execution of multi-vector energy transactions.

Next Move Online

Next Move Online is a software company that provides digital solutions for the property industry, enabling professionals to increase their productivity and success.


o|urmoire., founded by Rosie de Malmanche, is a platform that combines fashion with the sharing economy. The website allows users to buy, sell, and borrow clothes from each other.


Co-founded by Anil Rao, Javier Antunez, and Pablo Gonzalez-Iglesias, vendi is a marketplace verifier that provides instant trust in the online secondary market.


Created by Alex Lebedev and Daria Lebedeva, MYRENTBOAT is a portal that allows users to rent yachts worldwide.


Cashswapper, an app innovated by Marcus Hill, acts as a peer-to-peer currency exchange platform for users.


RentMy, under the helm of Thomas West, is a platform allowing peer-to-peer rental of goods, with an integrated Saas solution for business owners.


Specialist is a versatile end-to-end platform connecting service providers with their customers.


Founded by Max Zaharenkov, BorrowPort is an online marketplace which enables users to rent items within their community.


Co-founded by Emmanuel Ebuka Evarist, Marvel George Ekpo, and Tomisin Leshi, LINK IO is looking to solve the issue of cross-border payments within Africa using blockchain and innovative financial technology.

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