Which UK Skill Assessment Startups are Influencing Industry Standards in 2023?

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Skill assessments have always been the cornerstone of learning and development endeavours, but thanks to advancements in technology, it’s become far more nuanced and effective than ever. A growing number of UK-based startups are reshaping the landscape with innovative platforms and technologies designed to not only test the competencies of individuals but also facilitate better and more tailored learning. In a country renowned for its bustling tech scene, it’s fair to say these homegrown skill assessment firms stand out as pioneers in their domain.

These companies span across multiple industries, ranging from cybersecurity to human resources. They offer an eclectic mix of assessment methods, ranging from sophisticated algorithms that automate the employment process to platforms tailor-made for specific roles in the corporate world. By leveraging these tools, enterprises and individuals alike stand to benefit from a better grasp of their learning needs and progression.

We’ve rounded up 15 distinct UK-based startups leading the charge in the skill assessment domain that are worth spotlighting and learning about:

Hack The Box

Hack The Box is permeating the Cyber Security, Information Technology, and the Training industry with its unique approach. Founded by Aris Zikopoulos, Haris Pylarinos, and James Hooker, it provides a training platform and community designed to advance skills in penetration testing and cybersecurity.

THRIVE Learning

Run by Mark Ward, THRIVE Learning is at the forefront of Education, Employee Benefits, and Skill Assessment arena. It offers skill development facilitation, Seta accreditation, and other professional training & coaching services.

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Founded by Will Knight, ShowX caters to the Information Technology, Recruiting, Skill Assessment, and Software industry with software for IT assessment and recruitment.


Achievedly enables organisations to analyse training and skills within their teams to better tailor their training needs. Their operations focus mainly on Skill Assessment and Training.


Flexperience is a specialist in providing skilled part-time and flexible working professionals for employers. They work in the Employment, Recruiting, and Skill Assessment industry.

One Xec

One Xec offers consulting services that focus on leadership development, executive coaching, assessment, and cultural engagement.


Willo is a platform run by Andrew Wood and Euan Cameron for virtual interviews. It serves the Recruiting, SaaS, Skill Assessment, and Software industry.


Gradual develops an online platform for training company team members from the sales department. It serves the Enterprise Software, Sales, Skill Assessment, and Training industry.

Alfie Best Business Group

Alfie Best Business Group provides individual training and skill assessment for venture start-ups. They work in the Business Development, Education, Professional Services, Skill Assessment, and Training industry.


Skuap provides an online platform for mastering leadership skills and team management with confidence. They serve the Management Consulting, Personal Development, and Skill Assessment industry.


Thriving Tribes, run by Aurelie C. and Yssine Matola, specialises in team development, talent acquisition, and skill evaluation in the Consulting, Human Resources, and Skill Assessment industry.

Sigma Polaris

Developed by Nemo D’Qrill and Thomas Marks, Sigma Polaris offers candidate assessment and shortlisting tech that automates employment processes, increases efficiency, diversity and quality of hire.

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Join myNexus

Join myNexus is a platform offering services such as entrepreneur skills assessment, business maturity rating, and entrepreneur support. It is run by Dean Whitehouse, Gaynor Matthews, and James McMillan.


Workfinder connects employers to the best and brightest talent for part-time work placements. It is run by Sherry Coutu and works primarily in the Career Planning, Human Resources, Skill Assessment, and Training industry.


Ekarigori is a brand and reputation management company that serves the Advertising, Digital Marketing, E-Learning, Reputation, Skill Assessment, and Web Development industry.

The variety and ingenuity of these startups are a testament to the innovative spirit and potential of the UK’s tech scene. As the globe continues to become increasingly digitised, the importance of robust, nuanced skill assessments will only grow, making these startups invaluable assets in the march towards a more skilled global workforce.

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