Which UK Startups Are Driving Innovation in 3D Technology Today?

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With the constant evolution in technology, startups in the United Kingdom are no exception to the advancements and challenges that comes with it. The 3D technology space in the UK is increasingly becoming more popular with startups playing a significant role in this growth. From creating innovative solutions that benefit manufacturers and homeowners to revolutionising the gaming, automotive, entertainment, and the fashion industries, the new wave of startups is truly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Our focus today is on the 15 exemplary 3D startups making major strides in their various fields.


Founded by Dr David Selviah and Roger Maran, Correvate is a startup focused on the use of point cloud processing technology. Known as Vercator, this technology found its genesis at the University College London, and now, it is being commercialised for wider adoption. Correvate operates in the fields of big data, civil engineering, cloud computing, and construction.


The brainchild of Michal Konicek and Sandor Petroczi, AccuCities is a key player in the creation of 3D London and 3D city models. The models are leveraged in various sectors including architecture, planning, VR, and gaming.


Domeble taps into technology to provide high-resolution CGI backplates, 360° super-res VR assets, and 360° HDRI’s. Its offerings are used in the automotive and gaming industries among others.


Co-founded by Dusan Odobasic, Kyriacos Kyprianou, and Lode Groosman, Threedium allows for the digitization of physical products. These are then sold as 3D NFTs, a novel concept in e-commerce.

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Co-founded by Edoardo Panichi and Leona Bokulić, TheLookfit is leveraging 3D technology to shift focus from mass production to sustainable mass customization.


Farid Tariq, Moshiel Biton, and Vladimir Yufit, founded Addionics with the aim of creating next-generation batteries using 3D battery architecture and engineering.

Artificial Artists

Co-founders Ben Cyzer and Tim Phillips’s Artificial Artists makes 3D animation more accessible to digital media, affecting sectors like advertising and software development.


Decology is a startup by Sharon Costi that offers an innovative interior design platform, simplifying the process of design and furnishing for homeowners.


Founded by Fr Ro, Promeasure offers technological innovation for the construction industry, including software and assistive technologies.

Dibbsto 3D Printers Uk

Dibbsto 3D Printers Uk is an online technology store offering range of 3D printers and related software.


Co-founded by Elliott Round and Ryan Howell, M-XR specializes in developing the next generation 3D capture system, a tool that has numerous applications across different industries.


Established by Alexandra Hussenot, Immersionn creates 3D online worlds using the power of the gaming industry. The company also deals with VR, software, and web development.


Founded by Jun Kamei, Amphibio provides a 3D printed amphibious garment which functions as a gill. The invention is a breakthrough product in the field of water exploration.

Co Print

Co Print offers development services for the 3D Printer industry, contributing significantly to manufacturing and mechanical engineering.


EMMa3D is the brainchild of Matt Elsom and specialises in providing cloud-based tools that offer strategic execution, 3D visualizations, risk reduction, and enterprise mapping solutions.

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