Which UK Startups Are Transforming the Identity Management Industry in 2023?

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Managing digital identities is essential for online privacy and security. Identity Management startups are on the rise in the UK, providing innovative solutions for identity verification, identity protection, secure access, and so forth. Let’s take a look at some exceptional startups from England solving the complexities surrounding this critical aspect of cybersecurity.

These startups are utilizing technologies such as Biometrics, KYC compliance, Facial Recognition, and Blockchain to offer reliable and safe services in Identity Management. Their services range from rental property management to financial services and insurance, among others.

In today’s article, we bring you a collection of 15 promising Identity Management startups from the United Kingdom. We delve into their company backgrounds, the innovative solutions they offer, and their impressive achievements in their industry sectors.


IDcheck offers Biometric Screening & KYC in a SaaS solution. Their services span across multiple sectors like Compliance, Cyber Security, Identity Management, and Property Management, among others. Founded by Sara Statman, IDcheck’s technology is aimed at redefining the standards of Identity Management.


Sara Statman is also the founder of LetFaster, a startup that has brought an Automated Tenant Screening solution to the Property Management and Real Estate sector. Their services employ Biometrics and Facial Recognition for compelling Identity Management.


Goldilock offers reliable Data and Critical Infrastructure Security solutions. The company, founded by Anthony Hasek, Jarrod Epps, and Stephen Kines, deals in the Cyber Security, Data Storage, Identity Management and Information Technology fields.

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IRIS Biometrics

Founded by Asen Levov, IRIS Biometrics created an innovative cloud-based biometric solution that allows access, identification and payments with just a gesture.

IRIS Payment Solutions

Asen Levov, together with Krasimir Tonchev, took a step further to launch IRIS Payment Solutions. This platform offers Digital Identity and Wallet services implementing Biometric Authentication.


The AML software provided by MLVerify assists in AML, KYC compliance Identity verification and various dashboard tasks. The startup offers solutions within Compliance, Cyber Security, Identity Management and Software sectors.

Context Checks

Context Checks provides impeccable background checks and identity validation. They offer comprehensive employee screening, tenant referencing, and due diligence services.


EarthId, founded by Shiv Aggarwal, is a decentralized self-sovereign identity management platform. You can visit their official site here.


An end-to-end fraud prevention and management startup, fraud.com combines risk management with a seamless user experience. Founded by Barry Bowen, Bulent Ozkan, and Emre Sayin, this startup contributes significantly in the Biometrics, Fraud Detection, Identity Management and Software industries.

ZAKA Group Ltd.

ZAKA Group Ltd., co-founded by Nick Mason and Sasha Borovik, helps companies remotely verify and on-board new, trusted, and qualified customers in emerging markets.


Pioneering in privacy-preserving cloud-native biometric authentication, Keyless enables businesses to adopt zero-trust passwordless authentication. It was founded by Andrea Carmignani and Fabian Eberle.


MIRACL supports security solution and managed service providers in providing strong authentication services. It was co-founded by Brian Spector and is established within the Identity Management and Security industries.

Risk Trade

Bringing disruptive innovation in the insurance and security industry is the startup Risk Trade. Founded by Andrew Star, they specialize in Big Data, Identity Management, and Risk Management, among other industries.

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As a solution to the lack of fit-for-purpose age verification solutions for online businesses, Ryan Shaw founded VerifyMyAge. They offer their services in E-Commerce, Identity Management, and Payments fields.


TurgenSec is an R&D-focused Information Security firm co-founded by Nathaniel Fried and Peter Hansen. Their areas of expertise include Cloud Security, Cyber Security, Identity Management, and Network Security.

These 15 startups are part of the wave revolutionizing identity management in the UK. Their cutting-edge technologies and customer-centric solutions pose them as game-changers in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. We look forward to observing their continued growth and the significant impact they will undoubtedly have on their industry sector.

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