Which UK Video Game Startups Are Shaping the Industry in 2023?

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In recent years, the United Kingdom has become a fertile ground for innovation and growth in the field of video games. From indie game developers to augmented reality pioneers, the UK’s video game industry is brimming with startups that combine cutting edge technology with creative game design. This article showcases fifteen of the most interesting and promising video game startups and companies from the UK, exploring their unique contributions to this rapidly evolving industry.

These startups represent a wide range of approaches to gaming, from mobile app development to multi-sensory immersion pods. What unites them is their innovative approach to the gaming experience, and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what a video game can be. Each company presented here not only has a unique vision, but also a clear strategy to transform that vision into a tangible product that provides entertainment, exercise, therapy, or social experiences for their users.

While some of these startups are looking to redefine what a video game can be, others are focusing on leveraging existing technology to create new experiences. Regardless of their individual approaches, all these companies share a dedication to engaging gameplay, seamless user interfaces, and innovative design principles. Here are the top 15 UK video games startups and companies leading the race in innovation:

Pocket Sized Hands

Pocket Sized Hands is an XR technologies company specializing in creating bespoke applications and games. Founded by Alan Yeats, Gary McCartan, and Rory Thomson, the company straddles the augmented reality, mobile apps, online games, software, software engineering, video games, and virtual reality industries.

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Rezzil, founded by Adam Dickinson, Andy Etches, and Gareth Thatcher, is a unique blend of games technology and sports science. Their platform specializes in elite football player development and rehabilitation, incorporating augmented reality, fitness, IT, mobile, rehabilitation, sports, technical support, video games, and virtual reality.


Hitmarker is an online job platform specifically targeted towards the gaming industry. It was founded by Philip Huggan and specializes in e-sports, gaming, internet, recruiting, and video games.

Oryx Entertainment

Oryx Entertainment, helmed by founder Parik Panchal, specializes in augmented and virtual reality for web and mobile gaming. Its focus industries are augmented reality, MMO games, mobile, mobile apps, video games, and virtual reality.


Arcade, founded by Jon Meggitt and Simon Hobbs, is an immersive technology company specializing in augmented reality gaming and application solutions.


FootballSolidar, created by Dulce Guarda, Hugo Matinho, and Ivan da Silva Braz, is an online platform that combines e-commerce, gaming, social media, sports, video, and video games for football enthusiasts.


OTHERWORLD, a product of Chris Adams and Ed Wardle, is a virtual reality gaming company that offers a transcendent, multi-sensory experience.


AboveInfinity is an esports organization and gaming community, emphasizing on fostering connections within the gaming enthusiasts.

Dark Oath Games Ltd

Dark Oath Games Ltd is an indie game developer currently focusing on PC RTS Game, Gates Of a Ruined Empire.


THEFANS LTD offers a social platform built for gaming, particularly focused on sports games.

Taka Apps

Taka Apps, founded by David Lee and Lysimachos Zografos, specializes in digital therapeutics for movement disorders utilizing the principles of neuroscience and video games.

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Immersive Gamebox

Immersive Gamebox, founded by David Spindler and Will Dean, is an immersive entertainment platform that provides immersive team adventures in interactive digital smart rooms.


MeetspaceVR is a video game entertainment facility that gathers top virtual reality experiences under one roof.

The Multiplayer Guys

The Multiplayer Guys, formed by founders Rik Alexander, Rocco Loscalzo, and Steve Bennett, offer specialized solutions for multiplayer games.

Casino Football

Casino Football is a London-based online gaming company, offering football-themed casino games and other mobile-related technology.

UK’s video game startups carry the innovation and spirit of this digital age. Positioning at the crossroads of technology, entertainment, and design, they offer experiences that are immersive, social, and deeply engaging, creating a platform for the UK gaming industry’s future.

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