Who Are Birmingham’s Most Influential Consulting Startups in 2023?

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Birmingham, a well-known hub of entrepreneurial activity and rapid business growth in the midlands, hosts an array of interesting and innovative consulting startups. From helping companies become ISO certified, to providing cutting-edge SEO techniques and even creating virtual collaboration platforms, these startups have firmly established Birmingham on the map as a city fostering creativity, innovation and enterprise.

With the rise of digitisation and automation, consulting firms in Birmingham have adapted and learned to provide services that cater to this shifting business landscape. They demonstrate versatility, resilience and solid business acumen. Here, we explore 15 compelling consulting startups based in Birmingham and discuss their unique offerings to various industries.

These startups reflect the entrepreneurial spirit of the city. With varying expertise, ranging from property negotiations to HR and employee benefits services, each has carved a niche for themselves in their respective fields and are leaving a significant impact on Birmingham’s startup scene.

Dynamik Management Services

Dynamik Management Services is renowned for offering a complete suite of consulting and accreditations services in ISO certification. It helps businesses and companies excel in their respective industries by putting robust quality management systems in place.

Work Simplr

Specialising in creating, sourcing, and managing virtual collaboration and co-working platforms, Work Simplr paves the way for an enhanced student experience in a digital era.

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PDMA Consulting Engineers

PDMA Consulting Engineers is a one-stop solution that offers a vast array of services, from construction and sales to surveying, auditing, drainage design, project management and consultancy.

Pure Building Consultancy

Providing property advice to owners, occupiers, investors, funders, and developers, Pure Building Consultancy plays a significant role in the field of property management and real estate.


An expert in automation and digital transformation services, Synaptek helps businesses stay on the cutting edge of technology, enhancing their operational efficiency.


Voltempo provides consultation and electric vehicle charging solutions, contributing significantly towards a greener future in the transportation industry.

Peer Genius

Offering both face-to-face and online peer networking platforms, Peer Genius extends valuable HR and employee benefits services, promoting a healthier work environment.

Happy Koala Seo Agency

Happy Koala Seo Agency leverages innovative and cutting-edge SEO techniques to help businesses secure prime real estate on Google’s SERPs.

The Cocktail Cartel

Providing consulting services within the wine and spirits industry, The Cocktail Cartel was founded by Lexi Willetts, Matthew Willetts, Richard Welch. They are known for their bespoke R2D cocktails, designed and made in Birmingham, using only the best of alcohols.

AZKY Tech Labs

AZKY Tech Labs is a prominent IT company that assists ambitious entrepreneurs to build and launch their startups, contributing to the digital renaissance in Birmingham.

Octy AI

Co-founded by Ben Goodenough, Octy AI offers a vast range of integrated technological solutions, empowering businesses to harness the power of AI and automation.


Specialising in providing support for professional and financial services tech companies across West Midlands, SuperTech serves as a backbone for the IT and fintech sectors.

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Zeal Aerospace

Zeal Aerospace brings its offerings to the aviation industry, with management services like interim management, training, and financial advice, ensuring smooth operations in this fast-paced industry.


Co-founded by Josh Gain, GainBase provides a WorkTech SaaS solution that aids SMEs in developing, motivating, and retaining a high-performing workforce.


ARMCO is a leading consulting firm in financial advisory, property negotiations and tailored business insurance services, providing well-rounded support to businesses in managing their financial assets.

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