Who are Cambridgeshire’s Most Influential Artificial Intelligence Startups in 2023?

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Cambridgeshire, a flourishing centre for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, is home to a dynamic ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence startups. These startups, fueled by cutting-edge technology and visionary minds, are trailblazing AI’s path into various sectors, from healthcare to automotive. In this article, we bring you a closer look at some of the most interesting AI startups based in Cambridgeshire, that are rewriting the rules with their ground-breaking solutions.

Deep learning, machine learning, data analysis, neurotech, and more, the variety of AI applications being developed and perfected by these startups is indeed a testament to the strides the field is achieving. Rapid technological advancements, coupled with the adaptation and application of these developments, are turning abstract concepts into tangible products and services.

Without further ado, let’s dive into a world where algorithms, digital proteins, and smart AI assistants coexist, creating a new norm for future societies.


BB1, a startup based in Cambridgeshire, focuses on machine learning using deep learning and has developed a strong foothold in the analytics and AI industries. Their expertise lies in creating AI models capable of self-learning and improving with exposure to more complex data.


Blending AI with cryptocurrencies, Ensembl is revolutionising content aggregation with machine learning. Founded by Graham Tonkin, Ensembl harnesses community intelligence and aims to monetise it through cryptocurrency, thereby forging a unique trail in the AI, Fintech, and EdTech spaces.

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Kirontech, founded by Omar Chebli, Tarek Nassar and Tom Nygren, uses machine learning technology to revolutionise healthcare data. Driven by AI, they integrate information technology with healthcare, creating a unique blend of medical tech solutions.


RoboK, led by Hao Zheng, is a Cambridge University spin-out building cost-effective 3D sensing algorithms for low-power computing platforms. Perched at the intersection of autonomous vehicles, software, and AI, the startup is contributing to the automotive industry’s AI evolution.


InsurTechnix, founded by Fiona Kinghorn and John Clarke, ingeniously marries AI and IT to provide innovative technologies for cyber insurers. Their unique applications of AI in the cyber insurance field are nothing short of path-breaking.

Vagus Health Ltd

Vagus Health Ltd, spearheaded by Gustaf Kranck and Mattias Nordström, combines AI and healthcare to develop wearables, apps, and eHealth solutions. Their products utilise AI to provide insights into the wearers’ health.

52 North Health

Part of the healthcare sector as well, 52 North Health is developing an AI-driven medical device-based system called NeutroCheck for people with cancer. Their innovative use of AI explores new possibilities in treating and managing cancer.


Kristalic, founded by Filip Kozera and Jos van der Westhuizen, are building an AI-powered assistant that records work-related conversations. This creative application of AI and machine learning has the potential to revolutionise personal assistance and office productivity.

Granta Innovation

Granta Innovation, led by Antony Rix, involves AI and ML applications in the realms of business, healthcare and consulting. They provide research, consulting and development services transforming AI’s role in these sectors.

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Conundrum, founded by Konstantin Kiselev, Victor Portnov, and Vladislav Mironov, is a leader in Industrial AI, focused on elevating the metal, mining and steel industries through its software.


In an ingenious application of AI technology, 20Hz, led by Antonio Roulet, is developing a mobile app-based social media platform. Offering a new twist to social media interaction, the application uses AI to engage users in unique ways.


PORGiESOFT, founded by George Brown, provides an array of services, from cybersecurity research & AI to solving problems such as fraud detection. They leverage advanced AI, data analysis and natural language processing to provide innovative fraud detection solutions.


Turation, led by Alex Kotelnikov and Alina Ivanova, provides quality analytics SaaS for custom manufacturing. This industrial AI company is revolutionising the manufacturing process through data analytics and machine learning.


Unitary, founded by James Thewlis and Sasha Haco, is focused on making the internet safer using AI. Their innovative solutions are aimed at enhancing security measures online, creating a safer digital experience for all users.


DeepMirror, led by Andrea Dimitracopoulos and Max Jakobs, is redefining biomedical data analysis using AI-based cloud technologies. They develop bespoke software that provides nuanced insights into complex biomedical data, revolutionising the field of data analysis.

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