Who are Cardiff’s Leading Software Startups Influencing the UK Tech Scene?

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Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is fast becoming a hotbed for creative and innovative software startups. These organisations are harnessing the latest technology advancements to develop cutting-edge solutions across varied industry sectors. This article will introduce you to 15 innovative software startups from Cardiff, showcasing their unique offerings, and exploring their work.

Renowned for its rich cultural history, architectural marvels, and scenic landscapes, Cardiff is now catching up to London and Manchester in the tech scene. With an array of companies focusing on everything from digital marketing to cybersecurity, this coastal city is cementing its name as a technology hub.

Join us on a journey through the streets of Cardiff, where we dip our toes into the world of these promising companies, exploring what they bring to the industry, and celebrating the minds behind them.

WeGetDesign Ltd

WeGetDesign is a digital marketing and web application development company. Founded by Omar Moulani and Taleh Hasan, the startup mainly focuses on advertising, apps, CRM, E-commerce, iOS, Software, and web design. By leveraging technology and creativity, the company has developed innovative solutions, breaking boundaries in the digital space.

Awen Collective Ltd

Awen Collective is a software company dedicated to making society safer. Founded by Andrew Blyth, Daniel Lewis, and Jules Farrow, the startup is defining new standards in cybersecurity, data visualization, industrial risk management, software, and more. Awen Collective aims to secure critical national infrastructures and manufacturers from looming cyber threats.

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Hoof, founded by George Johnson, is driving commerce through the power of digital payments. With its software, the fintech company is creating smoother, secure transaction experiences, aiding businesses and customers alike. The company’s work in financial services, apps, payments, and software is notable.

Glucose Republic

Glucose Republic is a health care software startup that is revolutionizing the way we track and forecast metabolic responses. Founders, David Haines and Julian Shapley, are pushing boundaries in the Food and Beverage, Health Care, and Software sectors with their work.


Datalyse, a SaaS startup, is helping businesses streamline their communication process. Founded by Marc Castro, the company offers cloud contact software, telecommunication solutions, CRM, and lead generation services, creating a robust, integrated software suite for businesses.

Deeplake Digital

With a focus on improving business processes, Deeplake Digital creates communication software that enhances customer service experiences. The company achieves this by combining information technology and software development.

Nightingale HQ

Nightingale HQ utilises AI-powered tools to automate repetitive work procedures, boosting manufacturing industries’ productivity. Founded by Ruth Kearney, Sarah Williams, and Stephanie Locke, Nightingale HQ works across artificial intelligence, big data, industrial automation, machine learning, manufacturing, and software.

Concentric Health

Concentric Health, founded by Dafydd Loughran, Edward St John, and Martyn Loughran, is bridging medical and software niches with its digital consent to treatment applications. Their work makes a significant pathway in reinventing patient-doctor communication in the healthcare sector.


iQuila is a network security company providing software design, Layer2 technologies, and VPN solutions. The startup bolsters the safety of digital spaces with its cutting-edge software solutions.

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Binsera is a software development company with a knack for information technology. The startup creates bespoke software solutions, thereby helping businesses upscale their processes.

Ayoa – The all-in-one online whiteboard

Ayoa, founded by Chris Griffiths, is an all-in-one online whiteboard that facilitates brainstorming, collaboration, and task completion. The startup allows teams to work together efficiently, supporting productivity and project management.


Configur is an award-winning software and consulting company, enhancing data collaboration and driving data-driven insights. Their SaaS platform aids businesses in leveraging data for improved decision-making.


With a focus on UAV technology, TropoGo is creating an integrated marketplace for drone-related services. Founded by Sandipan Sen, the startup’s work is worth following in the information technology, insurtech, internet, marketplace, and software sectors.

Dexterous Solutions

Dexterous Solutions helps clients in achieving their goals by integrating smart data with creativity and strategic insight. The startup is a leader in the advertising, marketing, software, web design, and web development sectors.


VPNs.tv excels in providing credible VPN reviews. As a leader in the consumer reviews and entertainment software sectors, their work proves significant for users looking to enhance their online security.

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