Who Are Edinburgh’s Most Influential Marketing Startups in 2023?

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Edinburgh, an enchanting city whose charm extends far beyond its historical beauty and distinct Scottish character, is emerging as a burgeoning throne in the United Kingdom’s dynamic start-up scene. The city has an impressive array of start-ups to its name, but the buzz is particularly noticeable in the marketing sector, with innovative companies giving rise to pioneering strategies and technologies. Let’s dive into some of the most noteworthy marketing start-ups that are shaping Edinburgh’s future.

These start-ups are not solely relying on Edinburgh’s rich history or the strength of the UK economy; they are stretching marketing horizons by integrating various technologies and developing ingenious strategies that unravel new marketing potentials. Let’s take a close look at 15 of these startups that are changing the marketing game in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

All these businesses deliver critical services and disruptive innovations which influence various industry sectors. Engage your senses and expand your insight as we explore these innovative and ambitious young companies.


Adromeda is a marketing agency providing businesses of all sizes with unparalleled marketing strategies. They specialize in Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Marketing and continue to deliver excellent results to their clients.

Bundle Digital Ltd

Founded by Graeme Milton, Bundle Digital Ltd is a digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO and PPC.


FUTRSMPL is a SaaS platform helping purpose-led entrepreneurs to develop their own marketing strategy through expert support and online tools.

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Stamp Free

Stamp Free, led by Hugh Craigie Halkett, is a company reshaping postal services by providing digital postage stamps solutions.


Asensus provides a Sales & Marketing collaboration tool designed to improve client interactions, employing a deep and structured approach.

Balanced Impact

Balanced Impact is a digital marketing growth advisory company aimed at improving marketing results.

Breaking Media

Breaking Media is a digital marketing agency specialising in advertising.


GangHut is a marketing & advertising firm that employs innovative strategies to achieve its mission.

ChinaCollab Alba

ChinaCollab Alba, spearheaded by Elsie Li, is an advertising and marketing company with an effective outreach approach. Check them out here.


Avazona, led by Muhammad Shariq Jamil and Muhammad Tariq Jamil, is a PR and Marketing Agency specialising in Brand Marketing, Content Marketing, and Public Relations.

Yeap Digital

Yeap Digital is a digital marketing agency with a knack for producing impressive results.

Consilium Sports Group

Under the leadership of Jackie Mcnamara, Consilium Sports Group shines in brand management, media management, and sponsorship negotiations.

Meadhanan Limited

Meadhanan Limited, headed by Bill White, provides traditional public relations, advertising, and branding services.


ThanksBox is a computer software company specialising in event management and marketing.


Founded by Callum McPherson, Obvlo is an InfoTech firm enabling visitors to explore local restaurants, tourism sites, and events through web-based platforms or apps.

In conclusion, the gravitational pull of Edinburgh’s marketing start-up galaxy is undeniably compelling. Offering indispensable services and sparking disruptive innovation, these rising stars not only survive but flourish in the sky-high echelons of the competitive marketing industry. Keep a close eye on them as they continue to redefine and reshape the marketing landscape in the UK and beyond.

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