Who Are Edinburgh’s Most Influential Software Startups in 2023?

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Welcome to this feature piece exploring some of the most exciting software startups sprouting from the historic city of Edinburgh. As the backdrop for tech conferences such as Turing Fest, this Scottish city is becoming renowned as a hub for technological innovation. With a pool of graduates from local universities including the University of Edinburgh, widely recognised for its leading informatics programme, the city is fostering an environment ripe for growth in the tech sector. From Bulk SMS messaging to AI driven solutions, Edinburgh is home to a diverse range of software companies. Here, we present fifteen promising startups and their stories.

TLC Mobile

TLC Mobile is making strides in the developer APIs, messaging, mobile, SMS, and software sectors. The company offers a bulk SMS Messaging service, aiming to streamline and optimise business communications.

Hearing Diagnostics

Championing innovation in the health care and software industries, Hearing Diagnostics is a digital med-tech company focused on the development of advanced hearing screening technology. Leading the way are founders Claudia Freigang and Colin Horne.


Zumo operates at the intersection of FinTech and Software. Founded by Nick Jones and Paul Roach, Zumo provides a trusted and sustainable digital asset-as-a-service platform for institutions and individuals.


FUTRSMPL offers a unique platform to empower purpose-led entrepreneurs. This Saas platform provides online tools and expert support helping businesses develop their own marketing strategies.

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Co-founded by Brian Coburn, BR-DGE is helping merchants take control of their end-to-end payment journey with payment orchestration. This is particularly useful for companies handling cryptocurrency, enterprise software, fraud detection, mobile payments and overall information technology.

Continuum Industries

Fronted by Emil Hansen, Grzegorz Marecki, and Matt Blythe, Continuum Industries uses AI to expedite the development of new transmission lines, crucial for the transition towards more renewable energy sources.


At Aveni, founders Alexandra Birch, Barry Haddow, and Jamie Hunter are enhancing customer service operations. Their product drives automation and insights from voice interactions across a number of regulated industries.


BTP is a digital provenance company with a mission to make assets trustworthy. Duncan Johnston-Watt, Hugh Sutherland, and Kevin O’Donnell are the driving forces behind this forward-thinking blockchain, enterprise software and information services initiative.


LOVAT focuses on providing integrated tax technology solutions for customer-facing transactions. This startup, helmed by Aleksandra Sipyagina, Denis Gordeev, and Natela Gvindzhiliya, is making notable advances in the e-Commerce, FinTech and Software industries.

Black Goblin

Black Goblin is making waves in the audio, electronics, and software market with their offering of online audio courses and sound design services for films.


Founded by Josif Grace, Legado aims to make organising, storing, and sharing your most important documents, files, wishes, and memories both secure and easy.


Asensus‘s Sales & Marketing collaboration tool is designed to enhance the depth, structure and timeliness of key client interactions.

ClearSky Logic

ClearSky Logic is confidently building on their reputation as a reliable software development firm servicing a range of industries including information services and information technology.s

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Signum Audio

At Signum Audio, Benjamin Durrenberger and Danjeli Schembri have developed cutting-edge audio software that offers superior sound quality with a user-friendly experience.

Trade in Space

Trade in Space utilises environmental consulting, software and web development to provide Transactionable Insights, providing key data to support and implement ESG policies in the agriculture supply chain.

As you can see, Edinburgh’s software industry is bustling with innovation and talent – from med-tech developers improving health care, to financial wizards reshaping how we handle money. Edinburgh’s startups are putting this ancient city firmly on the tech map.

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