Who are England’s Most Influential eSports Startups Shaping 2023?

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As the eSports landscape grows globally, an emerging hotspot for eSports startups is England. Fuelled by a passionate gaming culture, technological advancements and a dynamic entrepreneurial landscape, the eSports market in the UK is on the rise. This article showcases some of the most innovative and intriguing eSports startups based in England, offering insights into their operations, the industry niches they occupy and the impacts they’re making in the eSports scene. It’s time to dive into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of eSports.

In recent years, eSports has exploded in popularity, not just in terms of participation and viewership, but also in terms of business development. A new crop of startups is leveraging this trend, offering services ranging from esports organisation, digital marketing, gaming event management to video game development and more. Each of these companies has its unique value proposition and is contributing to the UK’s burgeoning eSports ecosystem in its own way.

In this article, we will explore each of these startups in detail, providing a comprehensive overview of the thriving eSports scene in England. Let’s begin our journey through the world of UK eSports startups.

London Esports

London Esports is a UK based esports organisation that competes at the highest level. The organisation isn’t just about competition, but also about fostering a community for gamers and fans alike. With a foundation in the gaming and eSports industry, their mission is to take the UK scene to new heights.

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AFK Creators

Founded by Haodong Zhang and Matthew Woods, AFK Creators is a unique startup offering influencer management and marketing services aimed at the gaming and eSports industry. Their wide range of services includes marketing, media, and even sponsorships, all designed to elevate gaming influencers and companies in the eSports scene.

Veloce Esports

Veloce Esports, led by Jack Clarke, focuses on providing an eSports and racing growth platform. The company specialises not just in gaming but also sports, media, and entertainment, pioneering innovation and embracing the digital age of competitive gaming.


Founded by Filip Gorski, Mindfuture specialises in streaming management, primarily for live gaming events. They also offer marketing, eSports advertising, and event planning for the gaming industry.


FortniteINTEL is an eSports startup co-founded by Keshav Bhat. The platform specializes in providing news and insights related to the popular game Fortnite, further establishing its place in the eSports industry.


Globatalent is a unique startup transforming the intersection between the sporting and finance industries. The company is essentially a sports neobank, offering an application that allows users to access discounts on sports products, buy tickets, and invest in young athletes.


Founded by Alex Gilmore, GamersRdy is a platform that aims to help players cultivate their skills in their beloved video games through courses, coaching, and a supportive community.


At the cutting edge of business intelligence in the world of gaming, GEEIQ, founded by Charles Hambro, provides data, insights, and tools for businesses to effectively engage with metaverse culture.

Arcosoft Gaming Studios

Arcosoft™ Gaming Studios is an independent mobile game development studio providing exciting and unique gaming experiences. Founded in 2019, they have been steadily making a name for themselves in the gaming world.

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GosuRabbit is addressing the fast-paced and complex needs of the gaming industry, offering consulting and marketing solutions specifically targeted towards eSports.


Vumicentral, founded by Martin Macharia and Wilfred Kinyanjui, is an interactive multimedia platform that connects independent creators with their audience. By merging content creation with gaming, Vumicentral is innovating the eSports landscape.


Revolutionizing the eSports industry with the power of blockchain technology, Crypt2, founded by Sam Enrico Williams, takes on the sale and marketing of games, sportswear, accessories and lifestyle activities.


Specializing in advanced 3D capture technology, Lumirithmic stands at the forefront of VR gaming and eSports. Founded by Abhijeet Ghosh and Gaurav Chawla, they are leading the way in hyper-realistic facial scans for use in games and VR experiences.

Team Assent

Team Assent is a multi-game esports organization, showcasing the skills of professional players across a range of popular games. Founded by Abdullah Saeed, Assent represents top-tier competitive play in the eSports sector.

All Star Gaming

All Star Gaming, founded by Ezekiel Fryers and Nadeem Butt, is an eSports and gaming parent company. Known for its automated Call of Duty Warzone tournament platform, All Star Gaming continues to elevate competitive gaming and eSports in the UK.

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