Who Are England’s Top Influential UX Design Startups in 2023?

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As a hub of creativity and innovation, England has been the cradle for numerous startups breaking barriers in the UX (User Experience) design landscape. With businesses underpinning the significance of a great user experience, the demand for efficient, clear, and enjoyable UX designs has spiked over the years. This article discusses fifteen of the most interesting UX design startups that are setting the pace for UX design in the United Kingdom today.

Born amidst fierce digital competition, these startups range from design agencies and IT companies to digital marketing firms and software developers. Their work is centred around enhancing user interaction with evolving digital landscapes. All share a common goal – optimising the UX design to improve user satisfaction and nurture the human-computer interaction.

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of these startups, understanding their unique offerings, their mission, and the people driving these innovative ventures forward.

Multivitamin Group

Multivitamin Group aims for a combination of craft and business ambition to create effective solutions. Founded by Jacob Beckett, this startup specialises in graphic design, information technology, software engineering, web design, and of course, UX design.

Project Rising

Project Rising, under the leadership of Oliver Corder and Tim Davies, combines IT expertise with web development, SEO, project management, outsourcing, and UX design. The startup embodies a comprehensive understanding of digital landscapes, aiming to leverage this knowledge for innovative solutions.

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Offering a unique blend of software development, UX design, web development, and branding services, Hiyield stands as a pioneering startup lead by Ben Short, Matthew Ville, and Michael Roberts.

This is Undefined

This is Undefined is a design agency offering prototyping, E-commerce solutions, strategy formulation, product makeover, and MVP services grounded in UX design principles.


WOOBRO specializes in WordPress design and development, offering web design, and web hosting services meantime promoting an enjoyable UX. The helm of this startup is held by Gytis Ceglys.


Apptaste is a focused design agency that carves out some of the most intuitive and user-friendly mobile applications, with UX design at its core.

Arbor Standard

Integrating cloud management, software development, UX design, and website design services, Arbor Standard offers customers a holistic digital marketing experience.


Amplify pinpoints the role of UX design in recruitment, digital marketing, strategy planning, and analytics. Their services revolve around crafting seamless user experiences in these areas.

Rework Studio

Rework Studio is driven by an international team of design-centric problem solvers creating captivating products that make a real difference in the digital realm.

Orax Technologies

Toying with software and application development, web development, and cloud computing services, Orax Technologies uses UX design as a catalyst for customer satisfaction.


Together is a full-service organisation offering branding, websites and products for innovative technology companies around the globe, promulgating the undisputed role of UX design.

Digital Nerds

As a digital marketing agency, Digital Nerds acknowledges the convergence of digital marketing, SEO, graphic design, and UX design, offering consolidated services to its clientele.

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Together Agency

Together Agency, under the leadership of Cameron Day, focuses on ushering tech companies into customer acquisition, talent attraction, and capital raising, with UX design as the linchpin.

bn digital

bn digital proffers sophisticated design and strategy services that underscore user experience with technologically driven design.


Bowman, a digital product agency, crafts meaningful products, brands, and experiences with a key emphasis on the role of user experience design in shaping human-computer interactions.

From digital interfaces to mobile applications, these UK-born UX design startups are progressively transforming the way users interact with technology. They continue to impress the digital world with their innovative solutions, contributing significantly to the resurgence of England as a technology powerhouse in the world.

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