Who Are London’s Influential Game Changers in Recycling Startups Today?

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London continues to inspire and pave the way in tackling global sustainability. Reinvigorating the recycling industry, innovative startups are using cutting-edge technology and creative approaches to turn waste into wealth and streamline waste management. Here we explore some of the recycling startups that are leading the way in transforming our relationship with waste.

From fashion brands revolutionising the way we shop, to tech-powerhouses transforming inclusion in recycling, the goal of a sustainable circular economy is closer than ever before. These startups are redefining industries and diverting waste from landfill, promoting responsible consumption, and paving the way for a sustainable future.

The common thread running through all these enterprises is a deep-seated commitment to lessening our impact on the earth by rethinking, reducing, and recycling as much as possible. Here are 15 London-based startups, each making a remarkable contribution to the recycling industry.


Yodomo, an e-learning platform, focuses on understanding the re-use of materials in crafting. Co-founded by Sophie Rochester, Yodomo combines content creators, lifestyle, and waste management, fostering creativity and sustainability simultaneously.


SWEDISH FALL is a better fashion brand challenging fashion waste by turning their customers into recyclers. Founded by Jonas Detlefsen, Lara Stallbaum, and Marius Krüger, the brand uses e-commerce methods to inspire change in fashion consumption habits.


Buengo is a mobile app that allows people to sell unwanted items and donate the proceeds to charitable causes. This innovative startup is led by Alex Hancock and Fela Hughes and encompasses e-commerce, sharing economy, and sustainability.

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BIG Atom

BIG Atom is a recycling company on a mission to end polymer waste. Founded by Alexander Guslisty and Toby Moss, they develop, build and operate new infrastructure for processing waste, integrating industrial and environmental engineering.


99Plas provides a transparent supply chain of plastics globally with ecological services. They are specialists in the plastics and rubber manufacturing industry, using online platforms to combat the worldwide plastics issue.


Mintfinity is driving towards creating digital ownership for consumers using Universal Serialisation™ of products. This platform promotes recycling practices in the e-commerce and marketing industries to enable a sustainable future.


Lasso, also known as ReCircle, is a cleantech startup that develops domestic recycling appliances to encourage closed-loop recycling. This innovative project is co-founded by Aldous Hicks and Alison Richardson.


SafeEnviro, founded by Arun Sri and Augustus Uadiale, offers a technology-driven approach in waste management. This startup combines blockchain, IT, and sustainability practices for innovative waste management solutions.

The Dress Change

The Dress Change is a women’s exchange platform promoting sustainability and recycling in the fashion industry. This unique online platform enables users to exchange their used clothes, promoting responsible consumption.


CorNatural develops sustainable bio-based products. Founders Paulo Puterman and Rodrigo Ledesma-Amaro are contributing to the reduction of waste and the promotion of recycling through their natural resources and biotechnology startup.


SortFlow offers a software solution that assists the waste and recycling sector to design, model and test waste recovery and recycling processes. This innovative startup is aiding the facility management and waste management industries in their transition to more sustainable ways of recycling.

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Greenback Recycling Technologies

Greenback Recycling Technologies is a plastic recycling and waste collection service. Founded by Philippe G. von Stauffenberg, Greenback combines industrial services and recycling practices to make the dream of a zero-waste economy a reality.


Greyparrot is the leading AI waste analytics platform for the circular economy. The intelligent AI system, developed by founders Ambarish Mitra, Nikola Sivacki, and Mikela Druckman, enhances recycling rates and transparency, guiding the world closer to a circular economy.

Hamsa Recycling

Hamsa Recycling is a fashion initiative creating sustainable and inclusive alternatives. The brainchild of founder Ali Mammadov, Hamsa Recycling is redefining the standards for sustainability in the fashion industry.

Altilium Metals

Altilium Metals proprietary recycling process extracts strategic metals from spent electric vehicle batteries. Their contribution to battery recycling and supply chain management is a vital part of the transition to renewable energy and sustainable practices.

With increasing pressure on our resources, these companies show us that recycling is more than just a response to waste – it’s a proactive path toward a sustainable future.

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