Who are London’s Leading Data Integration Startups Transforming Industry in 2023?

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In the heart of the United Kingdom’s capital, a technological revolution is taking place. London, a financial and cultural hub renowned for embracing innovation, plays host to numerous startups exploiting data integration in transformative ways. Transforming how organizations analyze, interpret, and use data, these burgeoning companies are laying the groundwork for the future of Industry 4.0.

These startups operate across an extensive range of sectors, from analytics and AI to cloud data services and machine learning, each of them making significant contributions to their niche. This article showcases 15 of the most interesting and pioneering data integration startups currently flourishing in London.

All these companies creatively solve complex problems in their respective fields, making use of data integration as a means to devise cutting-edge solutions. Let’s take a closer look at each one:


ZEE9 has a straightforward but compelling mandate: To convert data into value. They employ advanced tools such as AI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics in the process.


Through a highly efficient team and integrated data, Intelance is redefining the limits of what’s possible for its clients. Their expertise spans Cloud Data Services, CRM, Data Mining, and beyond.

Subtree Inc.

Subtree Inc. effectively offers powerful data management for cloud natives, akin to a super-powered source control for software development. Their platform enables seamless Data storage and integration across teams and applications.

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Accelex provides data acquisition, analytics, and reporting solutions for alternative investors and asset servicers, refashioning the financial services industry with forward-thinking data integration solutions.


This startup is constantly redefining data-driven marketing, although their website remains unknown. The company stands at the forefront of Advertising, Analytics, and Data Integration.


Datavid assists growing organizations in maximizing their data. It offers a plethora of services including Analytics, AI, Data Mining and more.

Arca Blanca

Providing integrated solutions, Arca Blanca is an integrated consulting and data company, helping businesses make sense of their data.

Guidoo Services

Guidoo Services offers a range of service, from consultation to training and app development, all backed by its expertise in data integration.


Miraget is a B2B leg up for cloud data synchronization and lead generation, offering diverse technology solutions for companies.

Real Metric Analytics

Specialized in football data analytics, Real Metric Analytics is a favorite among Scouting & Performance departments of Football Clubs.


Xerini designs software that works, focusing on data engineering and system integration with a touch of machine learning.

Data Centre World

Data Centre World supports data centers and provides crucial event services across diverse industries, including Cloud Management, Cyber Security, and of course, Data Integration.

Kendra Labs

Kendra Labs, a Data Platform company, focuses on sustainability, using AI and Machine Learning as driving forces in their operations.


Specializing in Predictive Analytics, Gleensite offers a mapping software that operates on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, and more.

Actable AI

Actable AI empowers its users to analyze data using powerful Causal AI and Machine Learning techniques, all without requiring coding knowledge.

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