Who Are London’s Most Influential AgTech Startups Transforming UK Agriculture?

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In the world of startups, AgTech is gaining significant traction, especially in the UK where problems concerning environmental sustainability, climate change and efficient food growth are driving innovative solutions. London, in particular, is a hotbed for such startups, with several innovative entrepreneurs striving to make a significant difference in the agricultural sector. This article takes you through some of the promising AgTech startups & companies based in London.

These startups are not only revolutionizing the way we produce and supply food but are also addressing major challenges within the agriculture industry. Utilizing tech, they offer solutions ranging from AI-operated greenhouses to crop yield prediction via smartphones, thus harnessing the power of modern technology to improve age-old farming practices.

Without further ado, let’s delve deeper into these ventures and understand what they’re offering:


Agronomex is an AgTech startup focused on decreasing agricultural food waste. It offers a trading and procurement platform that enables farmers to sell their produce through auctions directly to buyers, thus eliminating middlemen and preventing waste. Spearheaded by Anthony Kerfyser and Pascale Martin, Agronomex is working towards transforming the way we look at food waste in the agriculture field.

Optimal Agriculture

Co-founded by David Hunter and João Abrantes, Optimal Agriculture is deploying AI-operated greenhouses around the world. Their goal is to bring the world’s most advanced greenhouse technology to any location, dramatically increasing local access to fresh, healthy food.

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At Petiole, co-founders Andrii Seleznov and Maryna Kuzmenko give farmers an application to monitor their crop yields using smartphones. This cutting-edge technology promises a solution for better yield prediction and management.


UK-based startup Olombria, led by Tashia Tucker, promotes fly pollination. They have developed tech that encourages and controls flies’ behavior to enhance crop yield and accommodate environmental change.


Agrolabs is an IoT and robotics-based AgTech startup founded by Michael Lazarenko. They assist greenhouse farmers to enhance their productivity using technology to automate farming processes.

EcoNomad Solutions

EcoNomad Solutions works towards the sustainability of smallholder farming worldwide. Founders Alexander Demenko and Ilan Adler developed agricultural solutions that incorporate sustainability and renewable energy.


COGZ is a B2B marketplace for surplus or imperfect produce in the food industry founded by Sean O’Keefe. This is an innovative solution to reduce waste and promote sustainability in food production.

Nova Extraction

Offering mobile hardware for supercritical CO2 extraction, Nova Extraction is bridging a vital gap in the industry. Led by Alexander N and Sergey S, the startup provides cost-effective and clean extraction solutions.

Liberty Produce

Liberty Produce, led by Alexander Giles, Dylan Banks, and Zeina Chapman, is an AgTech startup that aims to facilitate the year-round production of local, fresh produce to meet nutritional needs and mitigate climate change impact.


Optimiz, founded by Kingsly Kwalar, enables remote inspections and claims optimization for containerized cargo. It leverages technology to simplify the cargo claims process and reduce loss.


Co-founded by Cai Linton, Kevin Pan, and Reka Tron, Multus is a biotech startup on a mission to produce high quality, plant-based proteins. They have developed an innovative production technique that uses no antibiotics or hormones.

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Pastoral incentivizes livestock farmers to adopt regenerative farming methods. The startup, led by co-founders Josh Thomas and Shea McManigal, provides carbon accounting data as well as generating carbon credits.


Aiming to reduce fashion’s environmental impact, co-founders of Materra have developed farm and intelligence systems to grow significantly more sustainable cotton leading to a more eco-friendly fashion industry.

Forward Food

Forward Food works with AgTech and FoodTech businesses providing commercial support and investment. Under the leadership of Rob Ward, the platform bridges the divide between promising startups and venture capital.


E-Nano, co-founded by Alan Jurnet Berteloot, Christian von Scheidt, and Erwann Lompech–Leneveu, brings robotic potential to real-world applications in sports turf management and Agro-Industry.

From reducing agricultural waste to enhancing productivity through automation, London’s AgTech startups are significantly transforming the Agricultural industry. As these startups continue to innovate and push boundaries, we look forward to a more sustainable, efficient, and fruitful future for agriculture in the UK and the world.

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