Who Are London’s Most Influential Film Production Startups in 2023?

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The bustling city of London, UK is home to a wide array of innovative and diverse film production startups. These companies span a range of operations, from virtual reality experiences and advertising agencies, to video networks and digital production services. Given the ever-increasing consumption of digital media, these progressive businesses are at the forefront of a flourishing industry.

These startups not only embody the innovative spirit of London, but also reflect the city’s diverse creative culture and business acumen. With a dynamic mix of established businesses and fresh startups, London’s film production industry is undoubtedly a hub of creativity and innovation.

We’ve gathered an exciting list of 15 noteworthy London-based Film Production startups. Each different in their approach, they offer a unique look into the UK film production scene and its future. Let’s dive in:

Parable Works

Parable Works is a virtual reality and television studio & agency. With founders David Wise and James Harris at its helm, this startup is making waves in the Advertising, Broadcasting, Film Production, Media and Entertainment, and VR industries.


Panchroma is crafting the next generation of production/post-production services, operating primarily in Film, Film Production, Media and Entertainment, and TV Production.

Wonderhood Studios

Wonderhood Studios is a creative company by founders Aidan McClure, Alex Best, and David Abraham, working to create ideas that shift culture for brands and broadcasters.

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The Curve Productions

The Curve Productions is a full-service film production company, operating in films, film distribution, and film production.

Harder Than You Think

Harder Than You Think, founded by Godric Smith and Greg Nugent, is a media content company standing at the crossroads of art, education, and global progress.

Loom of ideas LTD

Founded by Lucia Desperati, Loom of ideas LTD is an advertising agency specializing in a range of services, including film production and video advertising.


Tutti is a marketplace by Gabriel Isserlis, helping artists find and book physical space for creative projects in the film, music, dance, and photography fields.

The Qube

Founded by Amin Hamzianpour, The Qube deals with creatives, music, art, film, photography with a focus on community and coworking.

The Film and TV Charity

The Film and TV Charity works to provide support for those working behind the scenes in the film, cinema, and commercial television industries.

Jungle Studios

Jungle Studios is a broadcast media production and distribution company operating within the digital media, education, film production, and media & entertainment sectors.

Blazin’ Boar Productions [Out of Business]

Blazin’ Boar Productions was a video production house that specialized in converting client visions into videos with measurable results.

White Tusk Studios

White Tusk Studios is an award winning video production & Food Photography agency specializing in TV/Film production.

Ali Rasoul LTD

Founded by Ali Rasoul, Ali Rasoul LTD is an independent creative marketing agency committed to uncompromising visions in the entertainment and corporate industries.


Aeirship.com™ is a Video Network & Employment Marketplace aimed at providing SaaS-Powered, O2O User Experiences and hiring services.

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Koala FX

With founders Daria Sherman and Menelaos Pampoukidis, Koala FX deals with Visual Effects, Digital Make-Up, and Performance Enhancement, placing them at the cutting edge of film production, software, and video editing.

In conclusion, the film production startups in London display a vast range of services and unique approaches to their craft. Each company, with its distinct offering, is contributing to the robust film production landscape in the United Kingdom. The diverse talent, innovation, and creative spirit of these startups are a testament to the thriving entrepreneurial community in London’s film production industry.

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