Who Are London’s Most Influential Messaging Startups Shaping Communication in 2023?

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Amid the bustling startup ecosystem of London, a number of innovative messaging startups are making waves with their cutting-edge solutions. Leveraging the power of communication technology, these startups are revolutionizing the way individuals, businesses, and even machines interact. Here we spotlight 15 prominent messaging startups in London that are worth keeping an eye on.

From offering secure chat options for businesses, to integrating voice and text for automated contact strategies, these startups are pushing the envelope on how we think of messaging. Whether it’s through apps, software or artificial intelligence, each of the selected start-ups showcase the dynamic and diverse nature of the UK technology scene.

Through their original products and services, these London-based startups are not simply providing another messaging platform, but rather transforming messaging into a multifunctional service. Let’s delve into some of the most exciting messaging start-ups emerging from the UK capital.

Qwil Messenger

Qwil Messenger is a safe and compliant client chat for businesses. It’s the brainchild of Laurent Guyot, Nicolas Georges, and Peter Reading. Qwil Messenger serves a niche in the Messaging, SaaS, and Security sectors.


A product of Bartosz Wawrzyniak and Patryk Nawrocki’s vision, Shock is a location-based photo sharing app that facilitates global communication and social interaction. It operates in the Apps, Content, Messaging, Mobile Apps, Photo Sharing, Photography, Social Media, and Video Industries.


Working in the sectors of Messaging and Wellness, VYBE aims to make people happier through their innovative approach.

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Changing the way we use music to interact, PlayHit is an innovative product from founder Valentin Krzyzyk. The company operates in the Cyber Security, Information Technology, Internet of Things, iOS, Messaging, Music, and Social Media spheres.


Providing quality kombucha with a focus on sophisticated taste and health benefits, Fix8 is a company founded by Freya Twigden. It operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Food and Beverage, Messaging, Software, and Video sectors.


Startup Alloxentric is the brainchild of Max Kreimerman. The company is a communication platform that integrates voice and text to create automated, multi-channel contact strategies. It is part of the Enterprise Software, Messaging, Software, and VoIP sectors.


Zapplan, founded by Aran Samra and Saul Liang, is a free-to-download iOS and Android app. It operates in the Apps, Information Technology, iOS, Location Based Services, Messaging, and Software spaces.


In the Messaging, Mobile Payments, and Telecommunications sectors is Converso, a telecom company providing mobile payment and messaging services. It was founded by Chris Barley and Gianluca Bonetti.


Founded by Valentine Agamah, SevenBee is a productivity tool for landlords, property managers, and tenants. It operates in the Customer Service, Messaging, Productivity Tools, Property Management, and Real Estate sectors.


Enabling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions within your favorite messaging app is Wuabit. Co-founded by Manuel Polo, the startup taps into the Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, FinTech, and Messaging sectors.


QUIZL is a live multimedia quiz app with speech recognition developed by founders Boris Esanu, Gary Dean, and Roz Kara. It allows users to earn real prizes and operates in the Information Technology, Messaging, and Software industries.

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Reimagining communication for the underground travel is TubeChat, a short-range messaging app designed for the London Underground. It is the work of Nina Tumanishvili and contributes to the Gaming, Location Based Services, Messaging, Software, and Wireless sectors.


Developed by James Harbridge and Kaivan Faria, AskWinston is a messaging platform for requesting home services. It sits in the Internet, Messaging, and Software spaces.


NYOUM, co-founded by Christopher Schläffer and Samantha Radocchia, is a communication service that combines Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Messaging, Natural Language Processing, and Video.


The final entry, CChat, is a free, secure and cloud messaging app made for global communications. It was developed by founders Bander Alweshaigri and Sarmad Daneshmand and operates in the Messaging, Mobile Apps, Social Network, and Telecommunications industries.

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