Who Are Manchester’s Most Influential Real Estate Startups in 2023?

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Exciting times lay ahead for Manchester’s real estate scene, with numerous startups redefining the future fabric of property industry. Utilising innovative technologies and fresh mindsets, these companies offer a glimpse into the upcoming evolution of the sector. From businesses’ that apply advanced technologies like AI to optimize the management of real estate assets, to platforms that streamline property transactions; these startups are a beacon of inspiration for investors, technologists, and property enthusiasts. Let’s dive in and meet these dynamic enterprises that are setting the bar high in Manchester’s thriving real estate market.


Mindtrace utilises ground-breaking artificial intelligence to streamline quality, safety & production systems across multiple industries including Real Estate. Founded by Kamelia Dimova and Michael Denham, the company aims to revolutionise the way we manage assets.

Dot Residential

Dot Residential optimises short-term rental investment properties. The startup, founded by Fraser Armstrong-Watters, Gray Stern and Lucy Sharp, operates in the intersection between Financial Services, Property Management, and Real Estate Investment.


Founded by Dino Moutsopoulos,PlaceTech is a tech-driven platform aimed at producing educational content for future property development and management.


Wildbrook, steered by Neil Higson, is a commercial real estate investment firm delivering services across property management and real estate investment fields.

Entire Spaces

Entire Spaces streamlines block management and facilities management tasks. Founder by Connor Moylan, they aim to redefine Facility Management and Real Estate through this interesting venture.

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Prime Property Consultancy

Prime Property Consultancy delivers commercial and industrial development services, providing solid consultancy and management solutions in the real estate industry.

One Heritage Group

One Heritage Group is a property development and investment management company paving new ways in construction and real estate.


Elavace is a cutting-edge property investment company with core operations in Real Estate and Leasing. Led by Mitchell Walsh, the startup is making a considerable impact in the industry.


Movestreets is an online real estate listing portal that allows users to rent and sell residential properties, simplifying the transaction process.

Peloton Real Estate

Peloton Real Estate provides asset management, business development, and consulting services, adding substantial value to the real estate market.


PropScore takes an innovative approach to property risk assessment, offering clear and instant property ratings by cross-referencing numerous individual data sets.

Atzaro Real Estate

Founded by Awais Shahid, Atzaro Real Estate delivers property development and consultancy services, contributing significantly to Manchester’s evolving real estate landscape.


RoomAgree empowers real estate agencies and landlords to create ‘paperless’ room contracts for their tenants, promoting simplicity and efficiency within the property letting process.


DadShed headed up by Bharat Lad, Mark Armstrong, and Rachel Simpson provides Business-to-Business-to-Consumer services. This startup is making waves in Enterprise Software, Property Management, and Service Industry sectors.


Ark, co-founded by Akeel Malik and Josh Warwick, is a real estate agency that offers rental services for residents, making renting a more simplified and accessible process.

These innovative startups and companies are reinventing the dynamics of Manchester’s real estate sector. Their groundbreaking solutions and novel approaches are not only reshaping their city but also casting a significant influence on the global property market. It’s an exciting era for Manchester and an even more exciting time for the real estate world.

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