Who Are Surrey’s Rising Titans in the IT Startup Industry?

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As one of the UK’s powerhouse regions for growth and innovation, Surrey has a thriving startup ecosystem. It combines both an advantageous geographical position near London and a powerful mix of industries and technical expertise within its own borders. In today’s tech-driven world, such a burgeoning ecosystem creates an optimal environment for Information Technology startups. Below, we dive deeper into some of the most exciting IT startups hailing from Surrey, detailing their unique selling propositions and the impressive figures behind them.

Iron Dome IT Support

With an express focus on cybersecurity, Iron Dome IT Support provides IT security and support for small and medium businesses across London and the South East. Harnessing a wide range of industry expertise, this startup is offering vital safeguards in an increasingly digital world. Find out more about how they provide peace of mind to their clients at their website.


ClickIQ presents a revolutionary platform that utilizes cutting-edge AI and programmatic technology to streamline job advertising. Founded by Beverly Shaw and Richard Collins, ClickIQ is reshaping the recruitment landscape with its innovative use of tech. Discover their offering here.


Promising a Virtual COO for your business, Deputi is an IT startup making business operations smoother. Leveraging technology to generate insights, automate tasks, and identify impactful events, Deputi is the brainchild of Darragh Jones, David Rosenthal, and Lexa Hunt.
Navigate to their site to unveil their offerings.

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Clutch Space Systems

Pioneering in the field of satellite communications, Clutch Space Systems is bringing about transformative changes. Co-founded by Martin Philip, the company reveals it’s path-breaking solutions on its website.

Ai Video

Specializing in solutions powered by artificial intelligence, Ai Video is a software service-based company pushing the boundaries of tech. Explore their offerings to find out more.


Developing software that assists programmers in creating superior products, Cocotec is a force to be reckoned with in the IT industry. Get a glimpse of their available toolkits on their website.


Incorporating AI in education, TuduBuddy is an online child assessment platform. They are leveraging technology to transform learning and assessment. Learn about them here.


A concierge service offering streamlined digital storage and fulfillment, Caboodle was founded by Tristan Lloyd-Baker. Find out how they’re transforming the way we store and access information here.


Incorporating cutting-edge advancements like space suits and NFTs, yoursciencetech is a propulsive IT startup. Founded by Carlo Saverio Iorio and Meganne Christian, the company offers future-oriented solutions which are showcased on their site.

Automated Markets

Automated Markets is a specialist tech enterprise bringing innovation close to your business. Carving a unique niche in quantum computing and satellite communication, this startup was founded by Robert Aitchison, Rory Kermack, and Sam Gamble. Discover their services here.


This Melbourne-based tech startup is creating innovative products to bring the future of technology to consumers today. Delve into their world on the StarLabs website.


Providing a plethora of managed IT services including identity governance, Trevonix is pioneering the way in application security. More about this promising startup can be found on their site.

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Pink Chilli

Developing software and business systems, Pink Chilli promises to add a unique spice to any business needs. Discover their offerings here.

Stripe 21

Providing IT and internet services, Stripe 21 is an innovative startup bolstering the effectiveness of VoIP and other digital communications. Find out more on their website.

Equals Collective

A ‘Venture Enabler’, Equals Collective offers services in marketing, UX design, and web development, amongst other things. Founded by Harry East and Peter Rossi, their website – equalscollective.com is a trove of their multifaceted offerings.

Summing up, Surrey has an exceptionally diverse and innovative IT startup sector that strives to bring about prominent changes in their respective fields. Whether it’s cybersecurity, AI, quantum computing, or education, these startups are championing revolutionary ideas and technologies.

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