Who are the Foundational Android Startups Shaping UK’s Tech Landscape?

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United Kingdom has been a hotbed of technological innovation, particularly in the Android application development field. Several companies across the region have made significant contributions to the space, each with their own unique approach and solution. This article will focus on 15 such Android startups based in England, which have not only generated buzz within the tech industry, but also delivered tangible value to their users. Each of these startups demonstrates innovation, creativity and the tenacity to challenge the status quo.

The Android market in the UK is a diverse one, featuring startups from various sectors including mobile app development, software solutions, gaming, and much more. These startups are all testament to the fact that England, a small yet powerful country, is making big strides in the mobile and software industry. The increasing proliferation of Android devices and the subsequent demand for Android apps has helped propel these companies onto the world stage.

The UK’s vibrant tech scene has produced these startups which have successfully carved out a niche for themselves in the global Android market. Here, we will explore some of the most interesting and innovative Android startups that England has to offer.


Nevercode offers a notable Continuous Integration & Delivery service for mobile app developers. Founded by Kristian Sägi and Triin Kask, their main focus is on Android and iOS applications for enterprises.

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Sweeft Digital | A Making Science company

With its comprehensive services in mobile development and web solutions, Sweeft Digital, headed by Vako Turnava, has built a strong presence in the Android, Internet, and iOS sectors.


Stacker, founded by Kenrick Vaz, Louis Barclay, and Michael Skelly, promotes a no-code software creation platform vital for developers aiming to build software for Android and iOS.


Ben Hedley’s Serendipity is a mobile application that incorporates elements of Location Based Services, Social Media, and Software development for Android and iOS platforms.

FoneCope Software Technology

Emerging in the software industry, FoneCope Software Technology offers efficient data recovery and transfer software services for Android systems.


Flagsmith, co-founded by Ben Rometsch, provides an Open Source platform that helps manage feature flags and remote config across web, Android, and iOS applications.


The Bikeslice app provides a social community platform specifically for cycling enthusiasts, available on Android and iOS devices.


Specializing in designing, implementing, and delivering mobile applications, SWIPELAB caters to both Android and iOS platforms.


Founded by Sophia Oscar, JOYdevs is a Magento Web Agency in London proficient in Android, CMS, CRM, iOS, and Mobile Apps development.


Led by Ale Brooks and Alex Devoto, Lvlfi uses B2B2C SaaS Insurtech utilizing gamification and behavioural economics to enhance Customer Engagement & Wellness in the insurance industry.

RG Group

Kerem Ozelli’s RG Group is focused on Android and iOS mobile gaming, further enhancing the Mobile and Digital Entertainment industry.

Coded Lines Ltd

Coded Lines Ltd, founded by Tasos Maroudas, builds impressive hybrid applications for Android devices and web with ReactJs & React Native.

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Kruvi Solutions

Founded by Amnon Kruvi, Kruvi Solutions offers Time Management and Workforce Management Solutions for Android devices.

Amgmserv ltd.

Amgmserv ltd. provides web design and professional translation services of websites, software, apps & games for Android devices.

Apex Rides

Founded by Charlie Lucas and Simon Cook, Apex Rides offers the ultimate in-home workout experience through their Android and iOS app.

With the continuous growth in technological advancements, England’s contribution to the Android app industry through these startups is expected to amplify. Every Android startup mentioned is representative of England’s vast technological talent and innovative spirit. Although they are diverse in terms of the services and products they offer, they all share a common commitment towards pushing the proverbial envelope in their own way.

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