Who are the Key Players in UK’s Privacy Startup Scene Today?

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In the everchanging landscape of the digital world, privacy and security have never been more pertinent. With the continual technological advancements, potential threats and breaches seem to be heightening as well. Within the United Kingdom, numerous startups have emerged with innovative solutions to address these emerging challenges. Over the course of this article, we will explore 15 interesting privacy startups operating within the UK that are working diligently to safeguard user data and digital privacy.

These startups range from data protection and cyber security companies to developer applications and artificial intelligent platforms. While each company shares the common goal of enhancing privacy measures, their individual approaches to tackling the issue are quite varied. From using machine learning to create automated responses to threats, to creating platforms where the users have full control over their digital footprint, these startups are great demonstrations of the UK’s robust tech scene and proactive approach to data protection.

Join us as we delve into the operations, industries and founders of these fifteen UK startups that are helping enhance privacy across the digital ecosystem and leading the way in digital data protection.


Ohalo focuses on automating data governance for contemporary organizations. Founded by Alistair Jones and Kyle DuPont, this startup operates within the Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Privacy, Security, and Software sectors.

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Operating within sectors of Developer APIs, Geospatial, Location Based Services, Mobile Apps, and Privacy, the platform Coposition manages location data securely and with user trust atits core.

Smart City Operating System

With founder Flynn Robinson at the helm, Smart City Operating System is an AI-driven IoT automation platform designed for smart homes, businesses, and nations. The platform operates across the sectors of AI, Internet of Things, Privacy, Public Safety, Security, Smart Cities, and Software.


If spam is your nemesis, PledgeToPitch, founded by Barry Callaghan and Michal Kupczyk, allows users to devote their attention solely to serious, genuine parties that value their time. The company focuses on Identity Management, IT, Internet, Messaging, and Privacy.

Drone Defence

Drone Defence is the brainchild of Richard Gill. The company delivers secured airspace for responsible, safe drone usage across sectors such as Aerospace, AI, Drone Management, Electronics, Government, Privacy, Robotics, Security, and Software.


Founded by Jean-Brunel Webb-Benjamin, Kryotech is a pioneering App Development company that operates within the Cyber Security, Mobile Apps, Open Source, Privacy, Web Design, and Web Development sectors.


Flare, a groundbreaking platform lead by Jamie Cox, provides a new means of monetization on the internet powered by distributed storage technology. The startup focuses on Cloud Storage, Data Storage, Privacy, and Social Network.


Transfon builds contemporary infrastructure for digital publishers and marketers, and operates within the fields of Big Data, Cloud Data Services, E-Commerce, Marketing, Privacy, Publishing, and SaaS.


Metomic, founded by Benjamin van Enckevort and Richard Vibert, offers protection for sensitive data in SaaS applications. The startup operates across the Developer APIs, Information Services, IT, Privacy, and Software sectors.

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Puffin Point

Puffin Point is a family office with considerable experience in staffing and marketplace apps, with significant operations within the Privacy and Venture Capital sectors.

Phishing Tackle

Phishing Tackle offers online security awareness training, simulated phishing, and a policy management platform, operating within Cyber Security, IT, Privacy, and Training industries.


Providing platform security, user access management, and governance services, CyBourn is led by Ashwin Jayaram, Daniel McKee, and Ioan Istrate, and operates within the Cyber Security and Privacy sectors.

One Compliance

One Compliance is an IT company specializing in data privacy and cyber security services operating within the Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Privacy sectors.


Founded by Michael Pallotto, Skriply is a digital marketplace where content creators set their own monetization models and sell directly to users. The startup operates within the Content Creators, Digital Media, Privacy, and Publishing sectors.

Threat Protect

Threat Protect provides threat monitoring, vulnerability scanning, and security awareness training services, operating within the Cyber Security, Event Management, Network Security, Penetration Testing, and Privacy sectors.

These fifteen startups each offer unique solutions and show immense promise in better enhancing and protecting privacy today. As their innovative solutions are adopted, the landscape of privacy and data protection within the UK, and indeed the world, will continue to transform for the better, offering more safety and security in our digital lives.

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